How to look after sheflery

How to look after sheflery

Sheflera needs bright scattered lighting, at the same time it needs to be protected from direct sunshine. This plant is sensitive to sharp temperature drops, it reacts to them dropping leaves.


1. For placement shefler it is the best of all to choose windows from the West or East side. Poecilophyllous grades need a lot of light, additional illumination can be necessary for them. Grades with green leaves are capable to transfer shadowing, they are suitable for cultivation at northern windows.

2. When choosing the place it is necessary to consider what shefler is pretty fast extended in height. At lack of light the leaves of plant become pale, and at its surplus on them light spots appear.

3. Soil has to be fertile, water-permeable and easy, it is prepared from the compost and greenhouse earth and also fibrous peat, adding coarse bank sand. At the bottom of pot it is necessary to make good drainage, for its creation it is possible to use small pieces of clay.

4. Optimum temperature for cultivation shefler - +18-22os if it is higher or lower, leaves can begin to fall down. Dry rooms are not suitable for this plant, it is not necessary to place it near central heaters. Regular sprayings are useful, they need to be done twice a day all the year round.

5. For watering and spraying it is necessary to use only the settled water of room temperature. Drying or overwetting of earth lump for shefler are harmful. In winter time the watering is limited. At insufficient watering or too dry air the tips of leaves of plant become brown.

6. If on leaves the shefler appear brown spots, it signals that the soil of pereuvlazhnen. It is possible to place pot on pallet with wet pebble or haydite, so you protect plant from drying and excessive moisture from which roots can rot.

7. During the period from April to October recommend to feed up to shefler the liquid fertilizer containing phosphorus and nitrogen. It is undesirable to bring medicines as a part of which there is magnesium, zinc, copper, pine forest and molybdenum, they have negative effect on growth of plant. Fertilizing does each 2-3 weeks, for this purpose dissolves liquid fertilizer in water. In the winter of fertilizing it is necessary to stop.

8. Change of adult plants carry out once in 2-3 years, it is the best of all to do it in the spring. Young copies are replaced annually, every time choosing pot 20-30 cm bigger than previous. If you want to receive large plant, capacity for it has to be spacious. Sheflera does not demand systematic cutting, as required delete the dried-up and damaged leaves breaking krone form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team