How to look after strawberry

How to look after strawberry

Strawberry is called not for nothing the queen among berries – it is very tasty and fragrant. That on the garden site to bring together her by baskets, it is necessary to look after landings correctly.

It is required to you

  • - medicines from wreckers;
  • - nitrogen fertilizers;
  • - potassium-phosphorus fertilizers;
  • - black polyethylene film;
  • - straw.


1. First, it is important to pick up productive variety. Now the high-quality planting stock can be bought freely not only in the markets, but also online. And it not only sockets, but also seeds, having seeded which in the winter, you receive young landings in the summer. And you will even taste the first berries though them still will be a little. But the next year your beds will please with decent harvest if it is correct to look after strawberry.

2. For the winter cover strawberry with straw if you live in cold regions. In addition outline snow as soon as there is opportunity. After long winter remove the shelter. Do it early as soon as snow begins to thaw, otherwise strawberry can vypret. If still there is threat of frosts, just move apart straw, and do not move away all.

3. After snow thaws, porykhlit the soil. And process strawberry from wreckers. For this purpose prepare such solution. Take 2 granules of the medicines "Healthy Garden" and "Ecoberin", 2 drops of "Zircon", 4 drops of Uniflor and 6 drops of Fitoferm. Dissolve all this in 1 l of water and sprinkle bushes.

4. Feed up strawberry. For this purpose nitrogen fertilizers will approach. They will strengthen growth of elevated part. Dissolve fertilizers according to the instruction and process the soil on beds. Use potassium-phosphorus fertilizers in the summer, from them the harvest will increase.

5. You watch soil moisture, in time water, you loosen the soil, delete weeds. It is possible to cover strawberry with black polyethylene film, having made cuts for bushes. Under such shelter growth of weeds is oppressed, and care for strawberry is much more facilitated.

6. During mass maturing of berries reduce watering, otherwise decay will appear. Some gardeners delete all appearing mustache that more nutrients arrived to ovaries.

7. After harvesting cut off mustache if you have not removed them earlier and if you are not going to make multiple copies strawberry. In the latter case leave the first 1-2 sockets. When they take roots, replace them to the constant place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team