How to look after the Chinese fan palm tree

How to look after the Chinese fan palm tree

The Chinese fan palm tree, or trakhikarpus, is one of the most famous representatives of family palm, grown up in house conditions. These plants can live in the habitat up to 150 years, however life expectancy of their "room" relatives makes only 18-20 years.

Usually Chinese fan palm tree is grown up in house conditions until when it reaches in height a little more than two meters. After the further maintenance of plant in the apartment becomes impossible (the palm tree will begin to rest against ceiling), it is desirable to move it to some winter garden or greenhouse. Of course, if there is such opportunity.

Care for fan palm tree

It is necessary to place flowerpot with the Chinese fan palm tree only in the places protected from drafts. This tropical plant very painfully reacts to sharp changes of temperatures and can get sick even when airing the room.

The fan palm tree (as well as the majority of plants are from tropics) very much loves sunlight, it is not frightened even by direct sunshine. Therefore it is necessary to arrange pot with plant in the lightest place of the room. In warm season trakhikarpus quite comfortably feels at the room temperature, however in the winter the plant should create special conditions. The fact is that the tropical beauty can dry out at temperature of +18-20 degrees, and thermometer indicator, optimum for it, in the winter - +6-8 degrees. It is interesting that this tropical plant can survive in open garden even then when the frost under-10 degrees outside the window "walks". It is necessary to water palm tree in the summer every day, at the same time it is desirable to use water for watering rather warm – up to +30 degrees. In the winter the plant needs watering not more often than once in two-three weeks. It is possible to feed up palm tree solutions of mineral fertilizers throughout all summer, with frequency once in three weeks. It is recommended to use already ready mixes which can be bought in any specialized shop. If special fertilizers "for palm trees" did not manage to be found, mineral mixes quite will be suitable for room, ornamental plants.

Change of palm tree

As well as the majority of palm trees, Chinese fan rather painfully reacts to replacing therefore it is necessary to make this procedure only in urgent cases – when plant roots so will expand that will begin to get out of pot. Optimum structure of the soil for change of palm tree (approximately in identical proportions): easy clay and cespitose earth; humous and sheet earth; peat; the rerotting manure and wood charcoal. For the best drainage it is possible to add a little bank sand to soil.

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