How to look after the greenhouse

How to look after the greenhouse

The summer has ended, is harvested, and regiments in cellar literally burst with cans with preparations. The greenhouse which provided you with greens and vegetables all season has become empty. Has come it is a high time to take care of care for it that in the early spring the greenhouse could accept again plants which will actively grow and it is good to fructify.

It is required to you

  • - soapsuds;
  • - rag;
  • - rust solvent;
  • - antiseptics;
  • - sulfuric checkers.


1. After harvesting the clear-out is necessary for the greenhouse. On sunny serene day when all plants are removed, exempt the greenhouse from all pots, the vegetable remains and racks. You sweep carefully all paths with brush. Wash up framework and covering warm soapsuds from within, carefully wash out all back streets and slots as there insects could find to themselves haven. Do not use at all chemical and abrasive substances as they can reduce polycarbonate life cycle. Then open doors and windows that the greenhouse has completely dried out. Wash up the greenhouse and outside as pollution interfere with sunlight penetration.

2. Clear trenches and drains of the fallen-down foliage. Wash out the base water jet from hose. It is known that the metal framework is exposed to rust. Therefore attentively examine it, process the places touched by corrosion rust solvent, tint. If the framework of the greenhouse is executed from tree, then it is recommended to process surfaces anti-septic tank which will protect design from rotting. Consider that antiseptics has to be safe for the person and plants.

3. For prevention of mold and fungal diseases it is possible to use sulfuric checkers. They help to struggle with some wreckers. Lay sulfuric checker on metal subject and set fire to it, leave the greenhouse and densely close behind yourself door. At decay the checker begins to emit sulfuric gas which perfectly struggles with wreckers, their larvae, mold. The checker smolders usually about an hour, it is possible to open the greenhouse only day later. After such processing it is necessary to hold the greenhouse opened within several days that it could be aired completely. Outline the dropped-out snow in the greenhouse. Thanks to it you will be able to save the earth in the greenhouse from excessive freezing. With arrival of spring the snow will quickly thaw and will well moisten soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team