How to look after the microwave

How to look after the microwave

The microwave oven is practically in each house. With its help it is possible not only to warm food, but also to quickly defreeze meat, bird, semi-finished products, etc. and also to prepare various dishes: fast desserts, casseroles, vegetables and so forth. That the microwave served longer and pleased look with the accurate look, it is necessary to look after it correctly.

Several rules on operation of the microwave oven

The microwave oven should not stand on height less than 85 cm from floor, is close to wall or in prityk to the cooling equipment (fridges, freezing chambers, etc.) and also the heating devices (gas-fire, electrooven, household heaters).

It is undesirable to turn on the empty microwave, it will lead to reduction of life cycle. In heat up time or cookings, it is necessary to adhere to recommendations about operation of the equipment strictly. Ware has to be glass, ceramic or plastic (which is suitable for use in the microwave oven), is strictly forbidden to use metal ware.

That the equipment worked regularly, it is necessary to clean it correctly and in due time. Modern units are equipped with function of cleaning with steam which will help to cope with any pollution if that is absent, it is quite possible to cope independently:

- to avoid spraying of liquid or fat in the furnace, it is better to use tanks or containers are intended for the microwave oven, or to get special cover;

- the spilled liquid or droplets of fat need to be deleted with damp rag at once;

- it is impossible to use abrasive cleanser or metal networks for washing of ware at all - it can damage microwave covering;

- citrus will help to cope with old pollution: for this purpose it is necessary to pour water into soup plate, to put half of lemon or abrasive paper from oranges and to turn on the microwave oven on heating for 5-10 minutes at the ultimate power. Upon termination of heating not to open the oven half an hour more then all dirt will depart at wipe by damp rag;

- not bad soda and vinegar cope with pollution in the microwave. In the first case the tablespoon of soda is dissolved in glass of water, poured out in deep bowl, sent to the microwave, heated 5-10 minutes then for a while leave and delete residues of dirt. Solution of vinegar is prepared from ratio 1 for 4, that is 50 g of vinegar on glass of water and the same that in the first case: heat and leave for some time, without opening door then delete pollution.

The modern household industry offers many means for cleaning of various surfaces, however laundry soap copes at all not worse, than the advertized gels or powders, it is enough to soap it damp sponge, to wipe the polluted surfaces and to leave for 30 minutes, and then to wipe with clean rag.

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