How to look after travyanchik

How to look after travyanchik

Travyanchik is remarkable souvenir for adults and children at which on the top the dense head of hear from lawn grass grows. That the travyanchik looked healthy and attractive, it is necessary to prepare for it the warm, well lit place and to provide regular watering, spraying and the pet's hairstyle.

Travyanchik (he is ecozinger, ecolyudik or florik) is the amusing souvenir made of textiles, sawdust and seeds of lawn grass. If regularly to water and fertilize travyanchik, then seeds of lawn grass will sprout, and this lovely little man or amusing animal will have magnificent green head of hear. Florik will become excellent ornament for the children's room and tasty delicacy for pets.

Preparation of travyanchik

Before the travyanchik is proved at solar window in the children's room, it is necessary to kill him in water that seeds under textile cover have become impregnated with moisture, have bulked up and have prepared for growth. Any capacity filled with water of room temperature will be suitable for soaking of souvenir. Submerge florik in water and hold a little with hand that it did not emerge on surface and quicker absorbed moisture. Leave souvenir in water for 45 minutes.

Hotbed for travyanchik

If outside the window cold season, is better suit mini-hotbed for the pet. For this purpose it is necessary to take plastic bag, to put on bottom plate with damp souvenir and to tie upper part of package on knot. The ready hotbed needs to be put closer to the battery. If seeds in travyanchik fresh and viable, then they sprout within 1-2 days. As soon as on textile cover the first gentle shoots seem, the souvenir needs to be taken from package and to put on window.

The choice of the place for travyanchik

While the travyanchik luxuriates in hotbed, it is necessary to choose for it the suitable place. Ideally it has to be the solar windowsill, but also on the bookshelf or small bedside table near window the pet will feel quite comfortably. The main thing – that in close proximity to gentle shoots was not heating devices, otherwise thin blades will very quickly dry up. On the warm solar place the travyanchik will become covered by juicy emerald blades soon.

Watering of travyanchik

Travyanchik it is necessary to water every day, evenly distributing moisture on its surface. Once a week it is necessary to bathe the pet, lowering him for 15-20 minutes in the container with water of room temperature. If air in the room dry, souvenir it is necessary to spray, protecting from drying.

Travyanchik hairstyle

Children very much like to cut travyanchik and to do it various hair. It is possible to cut the pet in 10-14 days after receiving the first shoots, by this moment of blade will reach in height of 8-10 cm. If the hairstyle was not successful or has turned out too short – do not worry, green hair will grow again in 2-3 weeks.

Storage life of travyanchik

Storage life of unused travyanchik makes 2 years, so many seeds of lawn grass keep viability. After two years some seeds can be gone, and the head of hear of the pet will turn out not such dense and magnificent as it would be desirable. Therefore upon purchase of florik it is necessary to study attentively date of its release and established period of storage.

What to do if the travyanchik has dried up

If you have forgotten to water the pet, and thin blades have hung or have dried up, lower him for some time in the container with water of room temperature. This procedure affects florik ozhivlyayushche. If blades have dried up finally, it is possible either to throw out souvenir, or to unstitch textile basis and to fill up in it fresh seeds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team