How to look after wooden ware

How to look after wooden ware

The ecological style of registration of kitchen is at the height of fashion. Those who watch and care for the health prefer to use in interior of kitchen natural materials, such as tree, stone, sand, glass or clay. The kitchen utensils made of natural materials demand other leaving than made of plastic.

How to wash wooden plate?

Wooden ware cannot be subjected to excess moistening. Do not use for washing of ware from wood dish washer. Also such ware does not love soaking in water. The tree absorbs moisture and becomes non-uniform. If by production of wooden ware glue was used, then it can break simply apart. The surface of ware will become rough and porous.

Than to wash the dishes from tree?

Clean bowl or plate from tree with slightly humidified damp rag. Pay attention, the rag or sponge have to be wrung well out! Then ware is wiped dry with towel and put to be dried. It is impossible to put in washing over sink wooden ware. Evaporations from the flowing water will humidify tree.

For cleaning of ware from wood it is forbidden to use abrasive means and also the chemicals containing acid, solvents or alkali. Use soap solution for cleaning.

Where it is better to store eco-friendly ware?

 You store any wooden ware approximately in 0.5 meter from water source. As in damp tree the mold and microorganisms is easily got. The kitchen wooden utensils are recommended to be dried on windowsill where there is a lot of light and fresh air. Periodically wooden kitchen utensils need to be wiped with rag or sponge with vodka, alcohol. It will help to stop mold rudiments.

Also ware from tree is not stored close to heating batteries, electric fans and so on. They deprive tree of natural moisture, it is quickly scattered, such ware will not for long serve to the owners.

Advantage of wooden ware

Not for nothing our ancestors used kitchen utensils from different breeds of tree. Its curative, bactericidal and light disinfecting properties are known long ago. And food from such ware brings not only pleasure, but also esthetic pleasure.

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