How to make angular fireplace

How to make angular fireplace

Angular fireplace – one of the most effective and compact types of fireplaces. Without taking a lot of place in the room, he nevertheless, creates absolutely special atmosphere of cosiness and heat. The decorative angular fireplace can be made even in the small city apartment, and in country house or at the dacha it is possible to construct the real wood fireplace which will successfully warm the room.

1. Certainly, it is the best of all to entrust construction of fireplace to professionals. But even in this case it is necessary most to know some important points of its construction to which it is necessary to pay attention. Angular fireplaces belong to the category of the attached fireplaces. They can be attached to joints of walls as at stage of construction of the house, and already in the made habitable room. However it is necessary to consider that in already built house it is more difficult to make fireplace. For this purpose it is required to dismantle partially floor under filling of the base in the place of its installation, to take out soil from the basis, to make opening in roof for removal of flue.

2. Before starting construction of fireplace, it is necessary to decide on the place of its installation. Usually angular fireplaces attach on joint of external, cold walls of the house. However it is not the strict requirement, and if necessary the fireplace can quite be attached to internal walls of the room. Only in this case it is necessary to watch that the smoke pipe coming to light rose above the roof fad.

3. As construction material for wood fireplace it is the best of all to use red brick. First of all, prior to works the expected size of fireplace pays off and the poryadovka – the scheme displaying arrangement of bricks in each row becomes. It carries out two tasks: first, clearly demonstrates all future work flow on fireplace laying, secondly, allows to calculate exact quantity of the bricks necessary for construction. It is necessary to choose brick especially carefully, avoiding the damaged and chopped off edges on it. Otherwise at further operation of fireplace all roughnesses and cracks will have an adverse effect on its work.

4. Before starting fireplace laying, flood its base. Brick fireplace – construction very heavy therefore the base under it has to be made strong and thorough. The base best of all will be suitable for angular fireplace butonabivny. It is filled in in the prepared ditch with in advance excavated soil and left before full hardening. To begin to spread the brick basis it is possible not earlier than in week after filling of the base.

5. It is possible to decorate fireplace to the taste and depending on the available materials. It is possible to leave brick walls as is, in open form, and it is possible and to close them decorative stone, tile or metal parts. Everything depends on the general interior of the room and preferences of the owner.

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