How to make annex to residential building

How to make annex to residential building

Sometimes there is problem of shortage of living space. One of ways to solve this problem – to make extension to the house. Construction jobs begin with coordination of legal issues, scheduling and the estimate.


1. Before construction jobs apply in architectural department of administration of the area for construction permit. In the same place you can order the project. After coordination of documents on extension buy the necessary building materials and start works. To receive the additional room, to the available building it is necessary to attach three walls. It will be correct to make them of the same material, as the main building. It is possible to attach three-walls from any party, but you reduce amount of works if choose wall with window. Will be to increase window aperture to floor enough to connect annex to the old room.

2. On perimeter of annex dig trench under the base − ideally it has to be the same and at the same depth, as design under the building. Establish timbering, lay armature on trench bottom and fill in with concrete solution. After full hardening of solution start mounting of walls, it differs in nothing from construction of the main building.

3. Consider only one nuance − the extension should not be strictly tied to the house. The house has already shrunk, and the new building still should make it therefore in order to avoid deformation use flexible (floating) joint, that is execute settlement movement joint. In the wooden building increase on corners of the main and attached walls bar with a section of 10 cm h10 cm, having fixed them by bolts and dowels. Bars come the friend for the friend as into groove. Close up gap between bars polyurethane foam. In the brick house just leave interval between walls of 1−2 cm and close up seam solution.

4. That the building looked as a unit, three-walls bring under the general roof. Remove roofing material from part of roof, prolong binding on perimeter of the completed room, establish rafters, make furring, lay roof. There is no opportunity to place the building under the general roof – mount new a little lower, having paid special attention to waterproofing.

5. In warm extension make external thermal insulation, having used any heater, execute finishing of walls. Inside plaster the room of wall or sheathe gypsum cardboard, lay electrical wiring, establish heating radiators. Complete construction jobs in extension finishing finishing.

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