How to make aquarium decor

How to make aquarium decor

Locks, sculptures, fancy snags and other decorative elements not only decorate aquarium, but also serve as shelter for the fishes living in it. You can decorate reservoir the elements acquired in pet-shop. But necessary independently is much more interesting to make all.

  • - scraps of pipes PVC;
  • - aquagermetik;
  • - stones, pebble;
  • - glass stones;
  • - the broken clay pots;
  • - bamboo stalks;
  • - coconut.

1. Choose the idea of decor. You should not place everything that it seems to you beautiful in aquarium. The abundance of objects deprives of fishes of necessary living space. Besides composition have to be sustained in uniform style. "Antiquity", "The sunk ships", "The underwater kingdom" - any idea can be beaten, however you should not mix subjects. It is better to replace completely exposure when the design bothers you.

2. For standard aquarium there are enough one-two large elements and several small, executed in the same style and color. Combine natural materials with modern industrial – for example, polyvinylchloride pipes. Wash the snags, clay crocks and stones taken from reservoirs before application thoroughly and process boiled water and weak solution of potassium permanganate for disinfecting.

3. Experiment with pipes PVC of different diameter. Them it is possible to disguise the system of aeration of water or to make shelter for fishes. Cut off pipes on diagonal, stick together scraps aquagermetiky. That the composition looked more picturesquely, it can be pasted over with natural pebble, glass pebbles, coarse-grained sand or small shells. Add pipe system with the large sinks located in aquarium in any order.

4. From the stones which are picked up for the size it is possible to stick together picturesque grotto. On paper draw the model of the necessary size. Begin the calculation with the basis. Stones you fix aquagermetiky or silicone adhesive. Choose pebble of one color – dark mossy or light which can be alternated to glass stones of different shades. Dry ready grotto, wash out under flowing water and establish in aquarium. On bottom scatter glass pebble.

5. Very elegantly natural materials – for example, scraps of stalks of bamboo look. Them it is possible to decorate back wall of aquarium. Sharp knife pieces of stalks of different length, cut everyone lengthways. Attach them to back wall of aquarium end-to-end that peculiar bamboo fence was formed. Pieces of stalk can be used as masking for the compressor or to lay them on bottom, having turned into labyrinth for fishes.

6. One of the simplest and effective options of decor which very much is pleasant to fishes – shelter from the split clay or ceramic pot. Wash up it brush, process weak solution of potassium permanganate and rinse with boiled water. Lay pot on aquarium bottom so that the bottom has appeared sideways, and on the other hand the manhole for fishes was formed. Slightly powder pot with soil, and around picturesquely scatter crocks. Instead of pot it is possible to use coconut shell with the cut-off top.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team