How to make arch

How to make arch

How to make arch from gypsum cardboard with own hands so that it looked is not worse than result of work of the expert at all? We will try to explain in detail to the reader that it is necessary for performance of similar work.

  • Gopsokarton, the needle roller, scissors on metal, self-tapping screws on 35, the screw driver, metal section on 60, the level, fastenings for profile, plastic dowel, stationery knife.

1. Assembly of framework. At this stage you should collect framework from metal section. It becomes by means of level, metal section and also the screw driver. Previously, to wall on horizontal level the metal section fastens. For this purpose it is necessary to drill openings in it then, to fix profile by means of plastic dowels and screws. After the vertical framework has been built, we pass to registration of design under arch. Basis to which later will be gypsum cardboard fastens, metal section will also serve. For the best bend, on profile it is necessary to make cuts from the edge party – the more radius, the more often it is necessary to do cuts. After the profile gets the necessary form, it fastens screws to already designed framework.

2. Gypsum cardboard preparation. Initially, it is necessary to cut off gypsum cardboard strip which will be imposed on profile bend. Having measured the necessary width, by means of stationery knife cut off strip necessary for you. In the same way separate it into cross parts. After that, you need to put in gypsum cardboard strip water which are going to be bent. In water material has to spend 20-30 minutes.

3. Fastening of gypsum cardboard on arch. After gypsum cardboard has stayed in water the necessary interval of time, it needs to be processed the needle roller. Without pressing, pass the roller 2-3 times on all length of strip. Now it can be imposed on profile then, having given to strip the necessary form, to fasten it screws to framework. After material dries, you can process it putty and issue under the design, necessary for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team