How to make artificial table-top

Table-top from artificial stone - ideal option for kitchen or the bathroom. The artificial stone is universal and modern material. It is durable, hygienic, strong, does not absorb moisture and is easily cleaned by standard cleaning agents. At the same time artificial table-tops will well fit into any interior, and their color and structure will not lose the original form with current of years. All this does the increased demand for such table-tops quite clear and reasonable.


1. Prepare the cutting chart of table-top. It is necessary to make cutting for the table-top, edges of its faces, fillets and wall sides. Cut out stone according to this card.

2. Make milling where it is necessary. For reliable gluing of edge it is enough to make PAZ of 4-5 mm in depth. Make mirror milling.

3. Paste thermoglue, on face side, wooden cubes lugs. Process joint alcohol then put two-part adhesive.

4. Pull together all with clamps and wait 40 minutes. Remove excess glue, at first using chisel, and then - the grinder.

5. Strengthen the spliced parts plate from the same stone. Width of plate has to be about 10 cm. For strengthening use the same glue. Paste edge and pull together with clamps.

6. Otfrezeruyte edge. Paste stiffening fins on cut of the cooking panel.

7. Paste substrate on silicone. The substrate should not be continuous. Do not fasten substrate edge strictly. Between edge of stone and edge of furring there has to be gap.

8. Leave substrate for the night then grind it. Invert and grind stone. The table-top is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team