How to make asphalt

How to make asphalt

Asphalt (or asphalt concrete) is material, popular, reliable and plain in production, today. Process of its production and laying does not comprise anything difficult. Inert materials (crushed stone, sand), bitumen, the surfactant (S) or mineral powder are part of asphalt.

It is required to you

  • sand, crushed stone, bitumen, surfactant, mineral powder, liquid fuel, water, drying unit, mixer


1. Define proportions of components of mix (inert materials – 90%, mineral powder – 5%, bitumen – 6%); make selection of materials for mix and process them (for example, subject inert materials to drying, bitumen – to heating).

2. Give damp and cold sand and crushed stone to the power supply unit bunker by means of cranes of clamshell capture, loaders or conveyors.

3. Load sand and crushed stone into the conveyor which is ladle elevator of inclined type. After the bucket of the conveyor is filled, transport materials in the drying unit.

4. Equip it with special fire chambers where will be there is combustion of fuel in liquid or gaseous state. Liquid fuel before getting to the drying unit, you store in the heated tanks. Thus, it will come to fire chamber already heated.

5. Provide with special pumps continuous burning. The unit has to be equipped with the fans directing air to fire chamber. In the course of drying and combustion of fuel, the formed gases of high temperature and particle of dust, are extended by the filtering dust removal system. As a result sand and crushed stone undergo thorough drying in drum of the unit, heating up to the required temperature equal about 200? C.

6. Add to the mixing unit at temperature of 160 degrees mineral powder and bitumen. As a result of all stages of production, asphalt will turn out.

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