How to make balcony beautiful

How to make balcony beautiful

It is a pity to lose balcony, littering it with old things which suit only for dump. It can be made cozy colourful oasis of plants or small, but comfortable room for the child's games. In some new buildings the balconies and loggias arrange well at once, but also slightly started balcony can be repaired pretty fast.

  • - frame;
  • - finishing materials;
  • - furniture;
  • - plants;
  • - blinds or blinds.

1. At first it is necessary to take out things from balcony and carefully to sweep everything and to wash up. Now it is possible to consider field of activity and to decide that you want to arrange on the balcony. To separate the room from street dust and noise, it is necessary to put frames. Choose material suitable to other finishing of balcony: tree or metalplastic.

2. Glasses can be put different too. If the balcony is in shadow, normal will approach. If South side, use stained, mirror or tinted glasses. More expensive option of glazing is window europrofile, it will improve sealing, warm and sound insulation of the room.

3. The ceiling of balcony can be made classical, using normal white plaster. On it paste stucco molding elements. If room space allows, trim ceiling with gypsum cardboard or make it tension. If to take metal section, the ceiling will leave modular and decorative.

4. Paint walls of balcony with strong acrylic paint or put decorative structural plaster. By means of cliche put gentle pattern with paint a little more darkly the main.

5. Wooden or plastic lining perfectly will be suitable for finishing of walls of balcony. It is easy to work with modern material, available there are different corners (internal and external), plinth and eaves.

6. Bamboo or pith wall-paper on fabric basis, wall-paper grounded with relief structure, wall-paper with impregnation or without – pick up them according to the taste. Make partial finishing decorative stone, ceramic tile or brick.

7. Floors can be wooden, vinyl, from ceramic tile, covered with linoleum, carpet or laminate. Surely carry out lighting and put the electric socket.

8. Usually on balcony put pots with flowers. Them it is possible to arrange cascade on special racks or to suspend cachepot. Furniture best of all is suitable for balcony wattled or folding. Folding chairs and table are convenient. If the place allows, put sun bed to enjoy rest fully.

9. The cosiness will be given to balcony by decorative curtains, blinds and rollets. Small ceramic figures among flowers are amusing and interesting to the child who will like your new small room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team