How to make bas-relief on wall

How to make bas-relief on wall

Art to make out premises stucco molding has arisen long ago. Magnificent reliefs on antique and biblical scenes, volume ornaments decorated mainly palaces of the nobility. But any person can make simple bas-relief, the benefit materials for this purpose can be found in any hardware store.

It is required to you

  • - plaster;
  • - Volmasly plaster;
  • - rails;
  • - piece of plywood;
  • - polyethylene;
  • - metal mountings (for high relief);
  • - planimetric drawing of relief;
  • - tape measure;
  • - cutters for tree;
  • - knife;
  • - glue for tile;
  • - palette;
  • - toothed palette;
  • - bucket or unnecessary pan;
  • - capacity for glue cultivation;
  • - joiner's tool.


1. Measure the site of wall which you want to decorate with relief. Define form of future plate. For a start it is better to choose rectangle or square for basis. Cut preparation of the corresponding size from plywood. From rails hammer together frame. Beat to it veneer sheet. It will be form for casting of plate.

2. Lay form polyethylene film. It is possible to use that which is usually applied to hotbeds. It rather well holds form and practically does not gather folds. Folds has to be as little as possible. Polyethylene is necessary in order that one party of relief plate has turned out smooth. On it you will also form relief.

3. Dissolve plaster or plaster. Modern Volmasly plaster is very convenient for beginners, it is pliable, easily stiffens. Besides, the instruction which needs to be observed strictly is attached to it.

4. Fill in the received mix in form. For bas-relief the metal mountings is not necessary, and here if you are going to mold high relief (high relief), it is better to strengthen plate wire. In finished product it will not be noticeable as it will appear under the image.

5. Wait until the layer a little hardens (so-called primary skhvatyvaniye). If you do plate of alabaster, right time can be determined by heating of surface. Cement has no characteristic signs therefore it is necessary to dry it no more than 12 hours. It is important not to overdry plate, otherwise the following layers will badly grab. Get basis from form.

6. Apply relief contour on plate. Dissolve alabaster or Volmasla and impose the first layer of relief. Let's material harden slightly, then cut off excess pieces. In the same way make the following layer. You mold relief, transferring form of the represented objects. After imposing of the last layer let's work stiffen (but not completely to harden) and process surface abrasive paper.

7. Paste relief on wall by means of normal glue for ceramic tile. Previously level wall. Attach on it rails indicators. Apply glue according to the instruction (better both on wall, and on plate). Establish plate on plumbs. If plate big and heavy, under it build in several pins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team