How to make beautiful repair

How to make beautiful repair

Oh, repair! It is fine when we only begin it, in the head of us fantastic plan, and is fine right at the end when the last figurine takes the place of honor. And here the interval between can seem real hell. In order that it did not happen, and what was thought has as a result turned out, it is necessary to listen to the following councils.


1. Be not too lazy, sit down and it is detailed so that it was clear to other person, write everything that you want to make. No, it is not so excess waste of time. It is pledge of what all of you remember, you will think over everything, you will count everything, and only then you will run in shop. It will be very offensive to miss roll of wallpaper or half-meter of plinth.

2. If you are going to do repair mainly by the hands, think of whether a lot of money is valid at you. At first sight all it seems very simple. And here, having counted properly how many you will spend for "make-@-repair" of finance and time, perhaps, you after all use the help of experts: designers, architects, painters, plasterers, etc. Everyone them knows secrets of the business and will be able to share with you.

3. You have started major repair or easy cosmetic, does not matter for that huge amount of dust which will not miss the moment to appear in your dwelling. Therefore in advance worry about those things which will be fated to return to your house. Surely cover upholstered furniture with film, the tree furniture needs to be protected fabric from scratches and dust. It is better to hide small knickknacks in boxes. Do not forget about such important stage of repair as preservation of what already you have.

4. Facing itself fashionable magazines with plannings and interiors, you remember that your apartment cannot contain all offered ideas. It is worth stopping on something one. For example, do not try to issue each room in the style, better choose one, the closest to you and take care of that it was harmoniously settled on all dwelling.

5. Begin repair with wiring. Wiring in modern interiors all is hidden. Therefore it is very important that before finishing work all electrics has been carried out and checked by experts. Add the necessary sockets and switches, or remove frankly superfluous.

6. If you were going to change windows, establish modern double-glazed windows with membrane which regulates humidity.

7. Upon purchase of finishing materials pay attention to certificates as nobody is insured from the unfair sellers ready to hand you fakes. For really beautiful repair you should not stint and save on finishing materials.

8. Do not miss very important stage of repair - alignment of walls and ceiling. Under painting the ideal alignment, under wall-paper is necessary - depending on their thickness. Friable thick wall-paper can hide small roughnesses. Bad alignment can nullify all other efforts, the look indoors will not be.

9. Beauty is in trifles. Therefore leave stock of forces, money and creative for the final stage of repair – saturation of your house those pleasant knickknacks which give to the apartment mood, stand on its hind legs. Good repair – this that repair which re-embodies just the apartment to your dwelling. Only people do things alive. Therefore to make the house beautiful - it means to make it individual and only yours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team