How to make bed

How to make bed

One of the main home decoration of any house is the bed, and from as far as it is convenient, your health and mood will depend. It will be simple to make bed independently if you have skills of work with tree.


1. For a start, calculate the bed sizes which will be defined not only your desire, but also the room sizes where you are going it to put. The bed can be single or double and, having decided on its type, pick up under it mattress.

2. Now, according to length and width of mattress you need to pick up boards of the necessary length. To make simple bed, 2 boards 150kh20mm which will be longer than mattress on the 100-200th, and 2 boards 150kh20mm length on the 100-200th more than width of mattress will be necessary for you. Also you will need bar 70х70 2000 mm long and also 2 (for single) or 3 (for double) bar 40kh40kh2000mm, 6 (for single) or 12 (for double) boards 100kh20mm.

3. Cut bar 70х70 on 4 identical parts which will serve as support in bed corners. 150х20 make rectangular framework of bed of boards, having attached them to bar in each of 4 corners. From the inside of long parts of framework, on the lower edge attach bar 40kh40mm. On these bars attach boards 100kh20mm perpendicular to bars that the received grid became basis for mattress and has fastened all design. If double bed, then on the center of grid, fix from below bar 40kh40mm, and attach to it "leg" from the same bar in the center of design.

4. After the main works are performed, it is necessary to round all edges by means of the grinder and to process all surfaces abrasive paper. After that it is possible to varnish bed, and after full drying to put from above mattress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team