How to make bed

How to make bed

Art is beautiful to make bed at some point almost has disappeared. In the multipurpose room it is also not necessary. However in the certain bedroom where there is stationary bed, the bed needs to be made in the afternoon. It becomes not only for appearance, but also for hygiene.

  • - bed;
  • - cover;
  • - decorative pillowcases;
  • - capes on pillows.

1. Remove blanket and pillows from bed. Remove sheet. If you have hard bed and there is extra mattress, level it on the parties of bed. Smooth the got-off parts. It is especially important if you sleep on feather-bed. If bed soft and there is no extra mattress, just run over it hand, having shaken dust and crumbs. Once a week it is desirable to vacuum soft parts of bed.

2. Lay sheet. Accurately smooth it with hands. Under the removed mattress fill sheet sides. Filling crib, it is possible to bend under matrasik all parties. At stationary mattress there are two opportunities to remove excess parts. It is possible or fill edges of sheet between panel boards and sidewalls of mattress, and it is possible just to bend them up that did not lean out from under cover. If the cover is much wider than sheet, it is possible to leave in general sheet as is.

3. Fold thick wide blanket double, lay on bed and level on all parties and on surface. The thin woolen blanket can be laid at first, and then to bend sides to the middle. If bed wide, and covered very big, then the blanket can just be spread and leveled.

4. Lay cover. If the bed costs in the middle of the room, put cover so that sides were identical length. When bed at wall, it is possible that edge that it is turned into the room, to make longer. Level cover. If it is longer than bed, bend that edge which will be under pillows on inner side, and level.

5. Shake up down pillows. Press one of corners in pillow and put it on this corner. At you "triangle" corner will turn out up. If it is several pillows, then lower put horizontally, and top put "triangle". Cover all design with cape. Put pillows with artificial sheet filler horizontally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team