How to make bed of tire in the form of flower

How to make bed of tire in the form of flower

Beds of automobile tires can be met on many seasonal dachas. Usually they are made in the form of flowers. Very beautiful flower beds can leave as a result if to try to make them in the form of roses or poppies.

It is required to you

  • - old tire;
  • - paint of desirable tone;
  • - the cutting tool – hacksaw or the electrofret saw.


1. Cut the tire lengthways – on two parts, one of which will be a little more. It will become bowl for bed in the form of flower of poppy or rose.

2. Cut the second, that is smaller part, on two – so that two strips of which it will be necessary to make additional lobes for flower have turned out. It is much more convenient to do flower beds and beds if for internal lobes to use strips.

3. Edges of each part should be cut figurno, imitating form of lobes. At first it is necessary to make cutting line on material – for this purpose it is possible to use chalk.

4. Paint elements paint to make them more similar to flower lobes. It is possible to use oil or acrylic paint, oil-based enamel, bituminous paint on nitro-basis. After paint dries, it is time to aggregate elements.

5. Install bowl of future bed on the chosen place. Close bottom close-meshed grid that the earth did not get enough sleep. For the first layer it is better to use haydite or stones, that is to make drainage. After that fill bowl with the earth.

6. The volume beautiful form of bed and flower beds are got when between walls of bowl and the earth insert the prepared strips and curve them like flower lobes. It is simple to make it – automobile rubber well bends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team