How to make beds

How to make beds

In the spring gardeners begin to equip beds. That the harvest was good, it is possible to make high beds. They are warmer, than normal, on them it is possible to land for 2-3 weeks vegetable cultures earlier. On such beds it is easy to work and make high beds not really difficult.


1. Choose the right place for bed. It has to be well lit, not be on draft. Then the bed will better and quicker get warm in the spring and the harvest will ripen earlier. It is better to orient bed from the East to the West. Its length can be any, and width - is no more than one and a half meters. In that case will conveniently work at bed.

2. In that, the place where the bed will be located, skim the earth. On bottom of bed put wire mesh, it will protect vegetables from rodents. tree, it should be laid strong polyethylene from within: that did not decay. For exception of strutting of boards, it is necessary to pull together them in several places with wire.

3. Fill "box" with various plant debris. Sawdust, foliage, branches, mowed grass or bark will approach... It is possible to put thin cardboard, food waste, - all that decays. Then carefully water the turned-out weight. From above thick layer fill prime quality land and the rerotting compost - approximately on 30 cm or more. Our bed is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team