How to make bedstand with own hands

How to make bedstand with own hands

Bedstand - undoubtedly, one of the best additions in your bedroom. Let's make table with own hands!

It is required to you

  • - wooden board
  • - construction cardboard pipe with a diameter about 20 cm
  • - hacksaw (fret saw)
  • - self-tapping screws with round hat
  • - vinyl tapes (it is possible to replace them with textile tapes) 5 cm wide and 90 cm long - 24 pieces
  • - furniture nails (for simpler option - push pins) - 48 pieces
  • - construction adhesive tape
  • - clip for papers


1. By means of hacksaw we saw off the size of cardboard pipe necessary to us. Considering that it has to be a little higher than bed, we will need piece about 60 cm long. To cut off exactly, previously put marking, otherwise the table-top will crookedly stand.

2. We cut table-top with a diameter of 60 cm from tree. To draw equal circle, use bar with the nails hammered at the edges between which distance is equal to 30 cm; place one nail in the center of future circle and, scrolling level the second nail, harrow circle on board. Then we cut table-top, edges are carefully ground. We apply with pencil on table-top one more small circle in the center, equal to the inside diameter of our cardboard pipe and we beat 4 small wooden bars. We cut out the lower basis of table from plywood with a radius of 45 cm. To it also we fix 4 wooden bars.

3. We fasten pipe to table-top and the lower basis by means of self-tapping screws in those places where there are bars. We coat design.

4. To receive glossy surface, it is recommended to use polyurethane paint. After that it is possible to start dressing. We turn in edges of tapes and we beat to table-top furniture carnations, leaving intervals - about 2.5 cm.

5. Gather all tapes approximately at the level of the middle of table, envelop them tape as belt and temporarily fix by clip for papers.

6. Tighten tapes under the table basis so that they were smooth and did not sag. Fix by construction adhesive tape on the basis of. Remove clip for papers, adjust width of belt and fix it to the basis by nails.

7. The table is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team