How to make belt saw

How to make belt saw

To make belt saw which will become basis of your own power-saw bench, simply. Only several consecutive stages and belt saw it is ready. Follow advice and recomenation to facilitate process of production of saw.

It is required to you

  • - turning lathe;
  • - welding machine;
  • - rails;
  • - pipes;
  • - electric motor;
  • - fastening elements.


1. Make basis of future belt saw. Take two 50 mm of corners for directing "rails" and put them in situation "up", that is the edge of corner has to look up. In such situation the wheel will not be erased and will not break from corner. "Cross tie" the profile pipe will serve as the sizes of 25х25 mm. Weld "cross ties" and "rails" with each other.

2. Make guide of belt saw. For guide use two half-inch pipes which have to be welded along "cross ties". On guides the log fixtures manufactured in the form of claws have to be installed. Profile tubes have to support rails, on ledges put adjusting bolts of M14x100 of mm. The welded pulleys to the going tube should not prevent to move it horizontally, and in case of need have to be fixed by bolts.

3. Make pulleys. Their diameter has to be 30-32 cm. Grind off them on turning lathe such in the way that the drive belt acted on 1-2 cm.

4. Establish rollers. For this purpose normal bearings of caliber 202 will approach – it will be pair of front bearings, for back roller it is possible to use the bearing of the size, bigger on 2-4 mm. Insert two tubes into shaft - diameter of the first has to be half-inch, the second will have diameter on 1-2 mm more.

5. Make frame. Use for this purpose the 100-th channel. Connect it to the cutting part.

6. Connect the cutting part and to elektrodivagatel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team