How to make blanket of denim

How to make blanket of denim

Denim – multipurpose fabric. It strong and beautifully wears out. Blankets and covers from denim can give shade of rural simplicity or shade lighter colors. It is difficult to work with denim as it is very thick.

Special needles and the powerful sewing machine, depending on fabric weight can be required. The blanket from denim can become the quite good project for the beginning seamstresses or lovers to sew with brief experience. In general, this problem can be solved in several hours.

In order that to make blanket from denim, is required to you:

- 2-4 m of denim, depending on fabric width;

 - 2 m of flannel 1.5 m wide;

 - centimeter;

 - sewing machine;

 - needles for the sewing machine for dense fabric;

 - needles for hand sewing;

 - threads;

 - iron.

1.      Prepare fabric. That after completion of sewing you had had no problems, wash and stroke flannel and denim which you will use for blanket. So you prevent undesirable shrinkage of fabric and wrinkling of seams.

2.      Cut off 2 pieces of denim the sizes of 52х152 cm and one more piece of 53х152 cm. The piece 53 cm wide will be the central part of blanket, and two others – side. Put side piece and central the faces and pin. Stitch, having left spade of 1 cm, along the long edge of fabric. Repeat the same actions with other side piece from the opposite side. Smooth down all seams on one party.

3.      Cut off piece of flannel of 152х152 cm. Put flannel over denim the faces to each other. Pin and sew all four parties, leaving 1 cm of spade and opening of 15 cm on one of the parties. Turn out blanket the right side of the cloth outside through the left opening. Iron all seams.

4.      By means of thread with needle sew up the left opening. Attach pins denim to flannel back along vertical joints on face side of blanket. Quilt along seams, having sewn flannel to the person of product.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team