How to make blind area around the house

How to make blind area around the house

The blind area is protective equipment of the base of the house and walls of the first floor from flooding and gradual destruction to which can lead direct contact with rain and snow. Usually the blind area represents the concrete strip surrounding the house on all perimeter.


1. Make marking of contours of blind area. For this purpose at each wall draw the imagined line from edge of roof to the earth and make mark in soil in this place. After that to the turned-out piece between wall and mark in the earth add 20-30 more cm. Such will also be width of future blind area of the house. In corners of marking establish pegs and stretch on them any perceptible rope - she will make borders of blind area more evident.

2. Dig out on marking trench on house perimeter. Depth of trench has to be 25-30 cm from which 20 cm is necessary on base course, and the remained space is required for concrete surfacing of blind area. At the edges of trench lay out timbering from tree or veneer sheets. From outer side of timbering hammer pegs which will not allow it to be deformed at blind area construction into the earth. The interval between such pegs will be smaller, the risk of deformation is lower.

3. Make base course of blind area. For this purpose at first fill up in trench with even layer sand which will serve as some kind of pillow for blind area. Thickness of layer has to be 5-10 cm. After that sand needs to be wetted and to stamp properly. Then over it fill up clay with layer in 10-15 cm.

4. Prepare movement joint before filling in concrete surfacing of blind area. It will protect concrete from the cracks arising in freezing weather. As such seam it is possible to use roofing material: lay it double layer on house perimeter closely to wall.

5. Plan bias for concrete surfacing of blind area - it has to fall down from wall to outer edge of blind area that water could flow down freely. The bias has to make 5-7 degrees. Make marks in timbering and walls. After that fill in concrete. When it a little hardens, level the construction rule necessary corner of bias of blind area. Cover the turned-out design with film from polyethylene. In two days, concrete completely will stiffen, and the blind area will be ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team