How to make bookcase

How to make bookcase

If assembly of furniture is your hobby not the first month, then it is possible to make bookcase. This piece of furniture belongs to rather difficult and big products, but only provide as it will perfectly look in your library.

It is required to you

  • - Wooden cloth;
  • - Electrofret saw;
  • - Glue;
  • - Screws;
  • - Nails;
  • - Primer;
  • - Putty on tree;
  • - Enamel.


1. From wooden cloth cut sidewalls and the lower shelf. Grind parts. Further prepare two strips of self-adhesive interline interval. Using the iron, paste strips to edges of sidewalls. Superfluous cut off, grind edges.

2. Further it is necessary to cut arches. For this purpose put marks. From bottom of each sidewall on 70 mm and at the lower face of sidewalls, measuring from front and back corners towards the center 150 mm. On these marks carry out arches which cut by means of the electrofret saw. Between arches it is necessary to make horizontal cut.

3. On the lower edge establish sidewalls. Between sidewalls arrange the bottom at distance of 80 mm from the lower edge. By means of glue and screws fix.

4. To bottom of framework establish bottom rail. For fastening use finishing and parquet nails. At the same time finishing nails the level is beaten through sidewalls, parquet nails pass through bottom.

5. On the top faces of sidewalls establish cover. For this purpose also use glue and nails. Under cover fix the top level. Further make vertical racks then beat framework on each side, having measured 6 mm from back edges of sidewalls.

6. Note sites where shelf-holders will be installed. By means of nails fix back wall. Cut levels of shelves and the shelf. To front edges of shelves beat levels, watching that the upper edge of levels was flush with upper surface of shelves.

7. By means of parquet nails beat shelf-holders apply glue on them and establish regiments. Cut the top and lower side and front fringings. Paste them to product.

8. At the last fabrication stage of bookcase, opening with screws process putty on tree, "drown" nails. The product should be ground, covered with primer and enamel in two layers. It is simple to make bookcase, the main thing to have desire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team