How to make box

How to make box

When the table drawer, for example, at the dacha becomes useless, immediately there is thought to repair it. But how to be when the box cannot already be restored? In that case it is necessary to make new drawer for your table. As a rule, to make the same box that has been made at the plant or in furniture workshop, becomes impossible.

It is required to you

  • Board, saw, joiner's glue, clamps, screws, shkantovy markers, hammer, power or hand drill and also set of round loose tongues.


1. The easiest way to hammer together such box - to measure all dimensions of your old box and to make new box. For this purpose you will need to mark and to cut accurately from preparation board for future box. To drill openings and to connect all boards by means of screws. Also for fortress in openings fill in a little glue - it will give durability to your box. For immovability of boards when pasting you can use clamps. Way this simplest, but not the most reliable.

2. There is opportunity to make drawer in a different way to way. For this purpose it should be noted in places of joints of boards of the place for drilling. Then drill openings on depth of round loose tongues. Insert shkantovy markers into openings, it is necessary to insert keen edges up.

3. Over shkantovy markers that you have implanted in board, put other board. Slightly strike board several times, on this board there will be traces from markers. On the place of these traces it is necessary to make drilling. You drill also on depth of your round loose tongues.

4. After on all boards these actions are made, start connection of constituent parts of your box. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in a little glue (also glue is applied on both connected surfaces) in all openings and to deepen in them all round loose tongues. After that densely press the connected surfaces. If becomes impossible to press surfaces to each other, then use the hammer. It is necessary to strike with short progress, it is desirable through cardboard or fabric that on tree there were no traces of blows.

5. Before final drying you need to check correctness of fastening of boards. If boards were twisted, it is necessary to level them. After full drying gluing something it will be impossible to make.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team