How to make brazier with brick own hands

How to make brazier with brick own hands

Braziers from the welded iron or purchased folding are usually used. The brick brazier is design which construction it is necessary to approach responsibly. It is necessary to have though some experience on bricklaying and idea of construction of ovens, at least short. If you are not ready to make difficult design, then it is better to involve experts in the field.

It is required to you

  • - sand;
  • - cement;
  • - gravel;
  • - crushed stone;
  • - refractory brick;
  • - clay;
  • - grid-irons;
  • - pipe;
  • - material for finishing;
  • - material for canopy.


1. As well as at any laying brick, for the device of brazier it is necessary to establish the base because without it the brick will lead and it will give deep cracks that will make impossible further use of brazier without repair.

2. For the device of the base dig out ditch of 40-50 cm in depth. It needs to be done a little more widely than future brazier.

3. Pour out ditch bottom sand, on it binding gravel and everything densely stamp. The timbering should be established higher than the level of the soil on 15-20 cm.

4. Flood the base with concrete solution and before carrying out the following works let's cement stiffen within 4-7 days. Before full typesetting of fortress there pass not less than 28-30 days.

5. Further there is installation of refractory brick to one or two rows. It will be the brazier basis.

6. Surely it is necessary to lay out below ashpit for the best burning of firewood.

7. All ovens are put on clay solution. The cement slurry for laying of ovens is not used.

8. Lay out fire chamber and establish in it grid on which you will put coals for frying of shish kebabs.

9. Width and length of all design should be done by the size of your skewers.

10. Establish over fire chamber of brick column on which you will establish pipe for removal of smoke. On columns it is necessary to establish iron pipe or to continue brick laying.

11. You can make finishing of the constructed brazier at discretion.

12. Over brazier it is necessary to make canopy for protection of construction against precipitation.

13. Simpler and temporary type of brick brazier is just laying of brick from four parties by the size of skewers. Between brick from two parties intervals for intake of oxygen without which burning is impossible are left.

14. Establish the improvised brazier on the plain surface cleaned from the turf and fry shish kebabs without special construction inventions.

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