How to make brazier with own hands from metal

How to make brazier with own hands from metal

Barbecue set, shashlychnitsa, grill and other devices for preparation of meat on naked flame – constant satellites of picnics and country sit-round gathering. They can be got in shop, but it is simple to make normal brazier independently. The metal ware will reliably serve several years and will not demand repair. It is worth beginning with the simplest standard construction, having received necessary skills, it is possible to try models more difficult.

Brazier the hands: whether it is possible to make it

The self-made multipurpose brazier is designed very simply. It consists of the capacity into which coal is loaded, equipped with fixers for skewers. The design has steady legs, in certain cases it can be added with the canopy protecting from rain. Very important point – the openings for air flow located not in brazier sidewalls, and in the bottom. Such design promotes fast burning out of oxygen, the fried meat is not oxidized. The shish kebab prepared on such device is much more useful to health. On figurative brazier it is possible to prepare different types of meat, it is suitable for subsmoking of fish, frying of vegetables.

It is simple to make self-made brazier. At first the product sizes pay off, the form is chosen. Then the drawing is formed. It is possible to find ready schemes with calculations in the Internet and also councils for material selection. That the product has turned out successful, it is worth choosing quality metal. The brazier walls are thicker, the more tasty the shish kebab turns out.   

Among advantages of self-made design:

  • Low cost. The good device for frying of meat can be made not only of integral sheets of iron, but also of the remains and scraps: corners, metal barrels and other scrap.
  • Opportunity to independently choose the size and form.
  • Simplicity of production. Any person owning welding art can make brazier.
  • Even the simplest brazier can be moved easily, and more difficult folding designs without problems are packed into backpack or traveling bag.

The brazier made with own hand will become excellent gift for the summer resident or the fan of picnics. The gift option can be decorated simple patterns, to decorate with shod parts, to add with set of skewers, strong cover for storage and carrying.

The only problem of self-made braziers – unsuccessful material selection. Too thin iron can quickly rust. That the product has not failed ahead of time, it needs to be cleaned after each use and not to store in the open air. Rain, fog, morning dew and early snow - enemies of any metal brazier.

Braziers: what they happen

Devices for frying on naked flame differ in the sizes, design, materials which are used for production. Among the most popular options of brazier:

  • Has simple rectangular shape, is suitable for stationary use or carrying. Can have removable legs.
  • Ideal option for picnics, departures to the dacha. The folding marching brazier can be transported in the machine or to pack into backpack. Differs in compactness and small weight.
  • Metal option suitable for giving or country house. For bigger reliability the design is complemented with brick blocks.

The sizes of brazier depend on needs of the owner. The capacious designs calculated on 10-15 skewers will be suitable for the big company. Compact braziers for 4-6 portions will be suitable for personal use or departures on the nature. The product form differs too, rectangular, square, triangular, curved and even round options meet. The simplest products weld from sheet iron, bricks will be necessary for advanced models.

What is necessary for production of standard brazier

For stationary product it is worth choosing rather thick sheets or metal scrap. Ideal wall thickness of ready brazier – 4-5 mm. Such product with guarantee will serve several years, to it deformation or premature rust is not terrible. For mobile folding models it is possible to choose thinner metal about 2 mm thick. The product will be less strong, but at care will serve long enough.

For creation of brazier it is necessary to buy:

  • sheet iron of necessary thickness;
  • corner with width of shelves about 40 mm;
  • pipe or metal preparations of square shape for legs;
  • welding machine;
  • grinder;
  • angle grinder;
  • verified electric drill with set.

Finishing of finished product requires paint which is convenient for putting with the small roller or flat brush.

Work begins with drawing up the drawing. When choosing the size of brazier it is worth being guided by length of standard skewer, it has to be longer than box on several centimeters. Length of design depends on quantity of skewers which is going to arrange at the same time. That the shish kebab was well fried thoroughly, between skewers with pieces of meat there have to be gaps. Standard dimension of self-made stationary brazier – 700 by 280 mm with depth of box of 200 mm. Height of legs depends on growth of the owner. The brazier is higher, the more convenient to use it.

Features of assembly

The drawing is transferred to metal sheet, future preparations are cut out by means of the Bulgarian. If metal up to 2 mm thick is used, the drawing is put in the form of development then bend leaf where sidewalls are closed with the bottom. The bend has to be carried out strictly at right angle.

Sidewalls cook perpendicular to the bottom, then all seams are carefully boiled. They need to be checked for light that there was no gap left. Seams are cleaned by the angular grinder.

In the bottom or in sidewalls the electrodrill makes openings for air flow. If the air offtake becomes in day, it is necessary to mount box for ashes which fasten under brazier.

In long sidewalls dredging under skewers is made. For bigger convenience it is recommended to alternate grooves of 3 and 8 cm in depth. It will allow to regulate extent of pro-frying of meat, the shish kebab will prepare quicker, it will turn out juicy and tasty.

From metal corner and profile the frame on which the brazier box is established is mounted. The pipe or metal square is cut on pieces of the necessary length. Legs are welded on design corners.

If is decided to collect portable folding brazier, legs mount differently. Weld 4 short pieces of metal pipe (diameter of 25 mm, length no more than 8 cm) on corners of frame. Removable legs from pipe of smaller diameter (about 20 mm) will be implanted into them.  

Weld handles from metal rod on upper part of short sidewalls. They are necessary for convenient movement of design.

Folding brazier: features of production

For departures on the nature it is possible to make mobile folding brazier. Its sozlaniye requires thin metal sheet about 300 mm wide and 600 mm long. Such sizes allow to roast at the same time 6 portions of shish kebab that it is quite enough for the small company. It is desirable that length of legs coincided with box length, it will allow to put finished product compactly.

The design includes:

  • frame from metal corner;
  • bottom;
  • grid iron;
  • side sides;

For frame it is necessary to weld rectangle 570 long and 230 mm wide. On corners 4 tube sections into which removable legs will be implanted are welded. They are produced from pipes of smaller diameter, in the lower part which will rest against the earth, stubs are located.   

The bottom and sidewalls are cut out from metal sheet, in them grooves and openings for air flow are made. The combined brazier does not cook, and gathers by means of bolts. In frame openings for them are drilled.

The grid welded from armature or metal rod will be suitable for grid-irons. Legs up to 20 mm long are at the edges welded. Sides are fastened by bolts which have from external part of design. It will help to save thread from agglomeration.

It is convenient to move ready brazier in cover from dense material with water-repellent protector. The cover should be supplied with fasteners velcros and handles for carrying.

Metal braziers with canopy

At the dacha it is convenient to use brazier with canopy. The roof will protect design from rain, hits of leaves and small garbage. There are 2 versions of the equipment of canopy: he can be collected separately from brazier or to strengthen directly on design. The second option looks more esthetic and more convenient in use, however will demand additional skills from the master. It is impossible just to weld roof on standard brazier that the product has not overturned, it is necessary to calculate its weight and the sizes even before mounting.

It is better for the beginning masters to mount separate canopy. For covering it is convenient to use professional flooring. It is not too heavy, differs in durability, resistance to high temperatures and attractive exterior. It is better to fix design on metal corners.

Finishing of finished product

That the brazier has served as long as possible, metal needs to be protected from rust. Painting will help, it not only will protect product from corrosion, but also will make it attractive and accurate. It is simpler to look after the painted brazier, he washes better and without problems is cleaned from soot and soot.

Not each paint will be suitable for brazier. Increased requirements are imposed to it:

  • heat resistance;
  • non-toxicity;
  • resistance to temperature differences;
  • covering durability;
  • moisture resistance.

Most often for coloring heat-resistant liquid or powder paints and silicon enamels are used. The color gamma can be any, but is more practical to paint brazier in neutral saturated tone: black, dark brown, dark gray. Braziers are painted only outside, in bowl any covering will quickly disappear because of strong heat. Paint is applied in 2 layers, carefully drying everyone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team