How to make brick brazier most

How to make brick brazier most

Here also there comes the long-awaited summer – time of admirers of shish kebabs. If you have no stationary brazier, then by means of brick can make it. The pleasure from process of preparation of tasty meat on the brazier convenient for you, will be provided. Now there are many different types of braziers – from the most primitive to difficult designs. Let's consider the simplest option of brick brazier which it is not difficult for everyone to make. So:


1. For a start determine the sizes of future brazier. For this purpose standing bend hands in elbows as though you hold in hand skewers with shish kebab, and remember height of arrangement of your brushes. So you receive the optimum height of brazier. Expect width that the shish kebab in number of 6-8 pieces or 20-2 5 cm is most optimum. Accept width within 30-35 cm. Brazier length one meter is enough to arrange ten skewers. Do depth in one brick – 12 cm.

2. Choose the place where there will be your brazier and dig out hole sizes 160kh80sm and 60 cm in depth. Fill up in hole sand with layer about ten centimeters, make timbering of plywood.

3. Make reinforcing of the base two layers of grid with cells 15kh15sm. Fill in with concrete timbering, wait for solution drying. Make base waterproofing, having laid six layers of polyethylene film 200 microns thick.

4. Prepare bricks for laying, apply special fire-resistant. When the base dries up, spread bricks. Define form of brazier, here connect the imagination and create any creation on your taste. Stack bricks on the cement mixed with clay.

5. When the brazier is laid almost out, in the finishing ranks leave the place where it will be necessary to establish grid from stainless steel. For the approach of air also leave gaps.

6. Grind bricks, cover with waterproof acrylic lacquer, if desired lay tile on horizontal surface. Do not forget to protect the creation from wind and rain special canopy. That soot was not formed, and the brazier did not smoke, provide zone of dymosbornik. Your brazier is ready. Call friends and treat them with tasty crisp shish kebab.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team