How to make bricklayer's scaffold

How to make bricklayer's scaffold

At construction and repair of buildings the construction organizations use, as a rule, the woods from metal. They are easily and quickly mounted, are reliable, can be used unlimited number of times. However in the private sector at construction and repair of low buildings quite often apply wooden bricklayer's scaffold. It is cheaper, than to get or lease metal.

It is required to you

  • - board not less than 50 mm thick;
  • - or bar sizes of 80х80 mm and more;
  • - or logs with a diameter of 80-150 mm;
  • - cut or edging board 25-30 mm thick;
  • - carpenter's tool;
  • - nails.


1. Cut off necessary quantity of racks for the woods. Their number is defined from condition that racks are put in pairs through each 1-1.5 m. Length of racks has to be equal to the maximum height of the woods. In need of them it is possible to increase, beating boards or bar to each other with an overlap with overlapping not less than 300-400 mm and with obligatory bend of nails on the other hand.

2. Lay racks on two on the earth at distance of 600 mm of each other and beat to them two crossing points – one at the very bottom, another at distance from edge, equal to height of flooring of the first level (it will serve as support for the first flooring). Crossing points have to be made of board 40-50 mm thick and be beaten not less than four nails with obligatory bend of nails on the other hand. Between crossing points beat to racks board on diagonals (drag strut) – for giving of design of rigidity.

3. Establish pair racks to wall at distance from each other of 1-1.5 m and connect them among themselves boards, beating them on both sides of the woods cross each other. Achieve that the design had the sufficient durability and rigidity.

4. Attach extreme pair racks to building wall. If walls wooden, racks it is possible just to beat to them boards. If the building stone, it is necessary to fix to it anchors and to attach the woods to them. If fastening to wall for any reason is impossible, strengthen the woods by means of the struts set by one end against the earth, and to others – in racks. That forests stood strongly, it is necessary to fix the ends of struts, having beaten one of them to the woods, and another to the column hammered into the earth.

5. Lay flooring of the woods cut or edging boards. Beat them to crossing points. In process of advance up or down (if works are conducted from top to down) beat to racks in the right place the following number of crossing points and dim them boards.

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