How to make bunk children's beds

How to make bunk children's beds

The bunk bed allows to save in the nursery a lot of useful area where it is possible to place cabinet, book rack or desk. Besides, children very much like to sleep on bunk bed. Children's bunk bed, it is possible to make it independently.

It is required to you

  • - Wooden boards;
  • - mattresses;
  • - wooden bars;
  • - decorative bolts;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - glue for tree;
  • - wooden boards.


1. Draw the scheme of bed with the indication of the sizes of all components: single mattresses and wooden boxes under them; basic walls; the sidewalls closing mattresses; sides for protection against falling of the child from the top tier and ladder.

2. Plates from excelsior 1550 x 730 x 20 mm high well will be suitable for two basic walls. It is also possible to use the veneered boards which are filled in with the nitrolacquer, guards or wide boards. Standard grids from the bought cribs or normal single mattresses are fixed between basic walls. The last have to be in box or wooden frame. Drill openings in the points which are previously noted on basic walls according to the made measurements. Fasten grids to walls four bolts with the decorative chromeplated heads. If the basic wall is executed from two guards, then for bigger durability fix mattresses, twisting two bolts in each board.

3. For fastening of mattresses without wooden frame make furring between basic walls. For this purpose attach several wooden bars self-tapping screws or bolts among themselves and to walls. Attach also cut "hairbrush" with 4-hsantimetrovy cuts.

4. Four boards for the sidewalls closing grids, 1200 mm long and 200 mm wide fix by connecting pins. For giving of design of rigidity tighten bolts stronger that boards have closely nestled on backs. If you have decided not to close mattresses, can attach wooden decorative tiles guards. For the second tier establish guards above that the child has not fallen.

5. The ladder can be made in front or to establish removable if bed backs continuous. Having receded 250 mm from basic wall, bolts attach guard to grid and connect it sticks to wall guard. If basic walls are made of boards, then establish ladder between them. Make sticks of Ø18 of mm of strong breed of wood and connect them back boards. For this purpose in boards drill slots of 4 cm in depth at distance of 10 cm from each other. Fix sticks in slots by means of glue.

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