How to make cabinet

How to make cabinet

Be not upset if you do not have enough funds for purchase of new cabinet. It it is possible to make with own hands. You need to study the instruction of its production only. Thus, having made a few efforts, you will be able to update interior of the housing, decently, having saved.

It is required to you

  • Chipboard, drill, drills, iron, knife, screw-driver, fabric


1. Begin with design. Before that, how to calculate sizes of future cabinet, define its location. Calculate width, cabinet height, distance between shelves and their quantity. Decide what color there will be cabinet.

2. Make the drawing of cabinet. At this stage, in the absence of personal experience, it is possible to use special software products. For example, the Basis program – the furniture maker.

3. Further being guided by drawings, saw parts. As who manages to saw parts correctly seldom, it is better to entrust this process to professionals. The fact is that the machine which carries out sawing costs much, and for the sake of one cabinet, to buy it - there is no sense.

4. Get accessories. The choice of accessories depends on your choice of the system of opening of doors. So, doors can open up, in the parties, down or on the system of compartment. The accessories include the komformata directing for boxes, holders for shelves, the handle.

5. Being guided by drawings, drill symmetric openings under komformata. Collect cabinet framework on komformata by means of the screw-driver.

6. Strengthen doors canopies or fasten guides. Where you are going to mount regiments and boxes, put marking. For shelves – marking under shelf-holders. For boxes – under guides. Precisely on marking drill openings. Establish guides and shelf-holders.

7. Give to product attractive look. For this purpose take edge, apply it on seams to chipboard and by means of the iron paste. That the edge has not stuck to the iron, between them put fabric. Carefully cut the excess edges. On komformata establish stubs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team