How to make cachepot of plastic pipe

How to make cachepot of plastic pipe

Such original cachepot pipe can be made of things which often lie on the road. The old unnecessary plastic pipe and garden hose will find new life and will become worthy decoration of your balcony or the garden site.

It is required to you

  • - pipe PVC;
  • - cover for pipe PVC;
  • - support under flowerpot (it is desirable square shape);
  • - piece of old hose;
  • - bolt with nut and washer;
  • - drill with nozzle for cutting out of round openings;
  • - garden earth and plants.


1. The first that needs to be made is to define how many plants we will plant in cachepot. We will need to drill the same quantity of openings in pipe.

2. Previously we put with marker marking in those places where there will be openings of future cachepot. Drill with circular nozzle we cut openings in PVC pipe. At us only 12 openings, 4 rows have turned out - on three openings located in chessboard order.

3. The piece of old hose will help us at irrigation of our cachepot. For this purpose we drill small openings at distance about 5-10 cm from each other.

4. We fasten bolt cover for pipe to the basis of our cachepot (support under flowerpot).

5. Then we establish PVC pipe on the basis.

6. We place hose for irrigation vertically in cachepot pipe. Step by step we cover with earth and we plant plants a little obliquely that it was more convenient to them to sprout through openings.

7. We place the last plant in upper part of cachepot. That the cachepot has taken esthetic form, we decorate pallet with pebble. It is necessary to water plants depending on look, 1-2 times a week are normal, using watering can with narrow nose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team