How to make canopy for bed

How to make canopy for bed

The bedroom is place where the person has a rest soul and body. The bed plays a major role in the bedroom, it is important that it was not only convenient and strong, but also beautiful. Without special physical and material inputs we can turn our bedroom into the real bedchamber of east beauty, having just suspended over it canopy.


1. For a start choose suitable fabric in order that our bedroom looked richly. Best of all organza, tapestry or gardinny fabrics will be suitable for such purposes. You without effort will find in any shop of sewing accessories or will order such fabric.

2. The size of canopy depends on the size of your bed and ceiling. The self-made canopy on bar which can be bent under different corner depending on the author's idea is the best of all to fix. To attach fabric to bar, it is possible to use rings, it is possible to sew tape with big cuts for bar, it is possible just to make subcollar and it is stitched fabric so that to put on it further the bar attached to ceiling.

3. Of course, rings will look most advantageously, but it is the most difficult way. It will be simpler to make simple fastenings, and then it is simple to decorate canopy with embroidery or other elements.

4. You fix canopy on special screws, it is very qualitative and accurate to be on bed it was safe. It is also possible to suspend 2 or 4 bars on perimeter of your bed on which blinds will fasten. It is very convenient and beautiful too.

5. If you want to make canopy over crib, it is better to refrain from such idea, children very restless, they not often think of observance of safety measures. Therefore can hook and pull curtains. Therefore let they will decorate your bedroom and will make the atmosphere in it more romantic and fantastic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team