How to make cart wheel

It would seem what can be simpler, than make normal wooden wheel for the cart, and to make it absolutely hardly. Such wheel can be useful not only at production of the cart or wheelbarrow, it can serve as refined decoration of the yard and bring certain highlight in landscaping of your country house and also be used in other purposes.


1. Take the sheet of drawing paper, plywood or cardboard and draw on it wheel which you are going to make. At the same time the scale of wheel has to be real. Mainly such drawing is necessary to determine the sizes of segments of the made wheel and needles in its real size. As a rule, the correct quantity of needles and segments has to equal to twelve.

2. Prepare wood for works, it has to be obligatory dry. It is the best of all to give preference to the strongest breeds. If the wheel is just decorating element, then it is possible to use also softer tree.

3. Take steel strip which thickness, about, 4 mm. Bandages will be made of it. Delay the ends of plate on yourself and connect them with an overlap, doing on all length of joint of rivet. Weld edges of openings in one and other end of strip to each other.

4. Execute from nave pipe. At the same time it is important to know that it is necessary to begin with bandages, and gradually to tighten wooden rim under steel bandage.

5. Begin assembly of wheel. It is necessary to begin work on assembly with nozzle of bandages on naves. Hammer in nave on one steel sleeve.

6. Make small grooves in places where needles will be got in order that air came out slots. Establish needles to slots of nave, and later on them establish all necessary segments.

7. Warm bandage so that its inside diameter equaled to rim diameter from wheel on which it also will be got. The stronger the bandage will be heated, the it will be easier to get it on rim. For heating it is possible to use simple fire or horn.

8. Get bandage on wheel rim. As the bandage has been previously warmed, when cooling it will decrease in the size and will densely connect all parts of wheel.

9. Let's wheel cool down, and it is ready for operation. It it is possible to fix on the cart or to use for other designated purpose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team