How to make ceiling of gypsum cardboard

How to make ceiling of gypsum cardboard

For all people in the world the word "repair" is symbol of changes. Everyone cares for "corner" and tries to make it cozier. Progress is not necessary on one place, and every day we are provided all with new developments for repair. Recently gypsum cardboard enjoys wide popularity. It is applied in installation of decorative room partitions, walls and ceilings. There is set of types of gypsum cardboard, for example, waterproof option for bathtubs or fire-resistant for boiler houses.

To make ceiling of gypsum cardboard independently: that for this purpose neobkhodimomnogy would like to use this building material under repair, but are not able to afford payment of professional installation. Such people have question – how to make ceiling of gypsum cardboard independently, without resorting to expensive services of experts?

One of the first and indispensable conditions of mounting is availability of necessary tools. In work such electric tools as electric drill and the perforator will be used. Also the level, scissors on metal, palettes for works on plaster and the hammer will be required.

As it is correct to make ceiling of gypsum cardboard   

It is necessary to begin mounting with marking. It is necessary to choose the necessary height, using level. Further it is necessary to begin mounting of profile which acts as framework for gypsum cardboard. It is necessary to fix framework that the profile of ceiling was immovable. After mounting of profile, gypsum cardboard plates are established. In certain cases gypsum cardboard is established in two and more than a level with application of unusual forms. In these conditions it is desirable to develop the project of ceiling. The next stage of installation of ceiling from gypsum cardboard is its putty and grinding. Having made sure that ceiling ideally equal, it is necessary to pick up color and to paint it. Further the plan of installation of electric devices – lamps, chandeliers, sconce, etc. is developed. For mounting of the recessed lighting fittings it is required to make openings which diameter depends on diameter of the photoelectric device. It is important to know several remarkable facts which can be useful correctly to make ceiling of gypsum cardboard. In order that all faces were equal, and less material was spent, experts recommend to do the minimum quantity of cuts. Also It should be noted certain storage conditions of gypsum cardboard. It needs to be put horizontally, in order to avoid change in shape. This material is the excellent solution of any room, and not only, question.  

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