How to make cellar on personal plot

How to make cellar on personal plot

Construction of cellar on the site depends, first of all, on level of underground water. If they pass deeply, so the cellar can be made underground. If at average depth, then only half of cellar can be in the earth and if near ground level, then the elevated way of construction of cellar on the site is appropriate. But, of course, the best is the underground option of storage of products.

For construction of cellar it is necessary to allocate the place which is least of all used on the site. But it is desirable to make it closer to the house. If there is opportunity, then in general to attach cellar to it and to make exit indoors.

Then dig ditch. Its sizes can be different. But it is necessary to consider that the ditch has to be 70 cm wider than external walls from all directions. It is useful for further processing of walls from moisture penetration. Excavating depth in dry places has to reach two meters. If the sizes of cellar are 3*3 meters, then and the ditch will be 4.5 * 4.5 meters.

Further the bottom of ditch is filled up with yellow sand, thickness of layer of 5-10 cm. Also start laying of brick walls. Wall thickness will be 25 cm or in one brick. For cellar use only ceramic brick. Wall build to ground level. Then do overlappings. For them it is better to use metal pipes or channel. The received walls from outer end are covered with mastic and paste 2 layers of steklogidroizol who will protect your cellar from moisture penetration. Also make backfilling of ditch.

Elevated part of cellar consists of the timber frame construction sheathed by eaves boards with splats. Also after mounting of overlappings it can be continued brick. In order that the cellar strongly was not cooled in winter time, elevated part is done low up to 1.7 meters.

Before mounting of roof establish ventilation. For it it is possible to use plastic pipes with a diameter of 100 mm or wooden box 150 * 150 mm. The bottom of ventilation has to be in the cellar, and the top to come to roof, is slightly higher than the fad. From above on it establish protective cap.

Roof do plain, best of all lean-to. It is usually covered steklogidroizoly, roofing material or sheet metal section.

The next stage of construction of cellar is filling of floor. It is done of the concrete consisting of average crushed stone, cement and sand. Thickness of layer has to be 10-15 cm. On metal overlappings of ceiling the floorboard keeps within. For manhole in cellar leave aperture 80 * 80 cm and make door for it. Other space is qualitatively warmed mineral wool in 3 layers or more checked option: dry sawdust 15 cm thick. From above heater can be covered with boards or any other material also. When using mineral wool the application of paroizolyatsionny membrane is necessary.

Internal walls of cellar plaster. For storage of vegetables and pickles do special regiments and racks.

If you are able to handle the tool and to work with brick, then it is possible to make cellar with own hands without involvement of experts. Otherwise it is better to trust in professionals.

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