How to make cellar on the balcony

How to make cellar on the balcony

You with success will be able to keep the reaped crop in the city apartment on the balcony. For such "mini-cellar" it is enough to you to make container which sizes will depend on what quantity of products you are going to keep in it.

It is required to you

  • - plywood or wooden bars;
  • - heater;
  • - electric lamps;
  • - thermometer;
  • - drill.


1. For production of the body of container you can use hardboard, plywood, wooden bars or other improvised material. Hammer together the box by the form reminding curbstone of the foot sewing machine with double walls. Between them lay heat-insulating material. It can be dry sawdust, slag wool or normal cotton wool. Wall thickness of box has to be about 70 mm together with walls and heater. Do not forget to provide in box opening for the thermometer and electrical wiring.

2. On sidewalls in container fill rails in order that it was possible to establish on them regiments. Make cover like walls: double warmed. It is possible, having put cover on loops, to make it folding, and it is possible – removable. As additional heater lay pillow or small quilted mattress under door.

3. Make in cover through holes for ensuring ventilation of mm Ø30. These openings need to be covered with planochka which would move in grooves from the bars beaten to cover. On level make openings of the same diameter, as on cover. Shifting level, you will be able to regulate temperature and air exchange in container, in whole or in part closing openings. Also you can make for each type of products special regiments in container. Each of them can be supplied with independent doors from box sides.

4. Heating is carried out by electric bulbs which power is 40 and 25 W. Connect them the three-mode switch of the parallel or consecutive mode. In case temperature in container decreases to two degrees, you can provide above-zero temperature and in thirty-degree frost, having included bulbs in one of the modes. TUDZ-1 will perfectly serve as the sensor of temperature monitoring. The regulator which is in this device will allow to set the required temperature condition. For electrical wiring drill openings of Ø of 15 mm in the bottom of box sideways.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team