How to make cellar with own hands

How to make cellar with own hands

Cellar for storage of "strategic stocks" - it is old-fashioned? By no means! Especially it is relevant for owners of dachas, country houses. The cellar device the hands can be compared to construction of the house, to only that difference that this construction underground.

How to construct cellar

The classical cellar has two offices: pogrebitsa (elevated part) and ldokhranilishche (stomach). Choosing the place for cellar, it is necessary to consider level of underground water and to think of branch from it melt and atmospheric waters. It is better to dig ditch under cellar manually – walls will not be showered and the basis will turn out well stamped. That rain water did not get to ditch, around it dig the drainage channel. Walls of the lower part do concrete with the increased water tightness, 12-15 cm thick. Whenever possible solution is filled in in timbering for once to avoid the joints weakening durability of walls.

The upper part of cellar is faced brick on cement and sand solution. As waterproofing of pogrebitsa use hot bituminous mastic, apply it on walls, pretreated with bituminous primer. In underground part do the strengthened waterproofing – stack roofing material on layer of bitumen, from above cover it with bituminous mastic and sprinkle with coarse-grained dry sand. Upon termination of waterproofing works do external diking of walls. Ventilation of cellar has to be surely provided – it is desirable to establish two pipes: the incoming and exhaust. 

How to arrange glacier

That in cellar there was low temperature in the summer, ldokhranilishche fill with ice which is prepared during the winter period. The sawed pieces of ice of the correct form stack on the basis, densely adjusting to each other. Intervals between bars fill with ice crumb and snow, season with table salt of coarse grinding. Then ice is covered with polyethylene film, and from above stack straw mats. In regions with hot climate it is necessary to make additional sprinkling cellar glacier soil. For the best preservation of cold the entrance to glacier is done with the platform, in it arrange regiments for storage of products.

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