How to make cement

How to make cement

It is impossible to execute repair, to construct something and even simply to eliminate small cosmetic defects indoors without cement. However for this purpose it is necessary to make at first cement, to be exact, to prepare cement slurry of optimum consistence and structure.

Grout mixing can be separated into several stages, each of which is very important and capable to affect quality received as a result of solution.

1.   Preparatory stage

In order that to make cement is really qualitative, it is necessary to be prepared correctly. First of all, it is necessary to find capacity for preparation of structure and also the tool for solution hashing. Independently it is possible to knead structure of any consistence only if it is correct to pick up capacity: it has to be capacious, steady and also have rather high walls in order that in the course of hashing solution was not splashed out. To knead cement, it needs to be stirred well, and either the specialized equipment, or rather strong, but at the same time the easy tool for this purpose is necessary. Use of sieve which allows to sift mix is also obligatory and to eliminate from it lumps and garbage.

2.   Preparation sostavadlya preparations of structure it is necessary to sift sand and also cement at first. After that both components to define their ratio. In case in structure cement of the high brand and quality is used, impurity of sand can be insignificant. Classical ratio of cement and sand - 1 to 3, it is used most often in preparation time of mix. You should not hurry with mixing of mortar, at first it is necessary to mix correctly components without water addition. For this purpose at first it is necessary to pour out sand, and already from above on it to pour out cement, after that both components carefully mix up. Further it is necessary to pour very accurately and gradually in water. The amount of water depends on desirable consistence of structure.3.   Use Even correctly prepared cement cannot almost be stored for this reason the structure needs to be trained just before use. Time during which the structure keeps the main properties is no more than 1 hour. For this reason it is important to dissolve cement not only correctly, but also it is timely. Not always the cement prepared according to the classical recipe is necessary, for example, change of proportions, as well as additional introduction of some impurity, for example, such as lime sometimes is necessary. Such variations of structure allow to change some properties of cement, for example, to change hardening time, or to make it more flexible that, for example, can be required for elimination of minor defects of walls and other elements of buildings. The amount of impurity depends on quality of initial materials and also on wishes concerning properties of total structure.  

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