How to make compost pit

How to make compost pit

Compost – the cheapest and at the same time the most useful fertilizer for personal plot. Composting represents the accelerated process of decomposition of organic waste materials at which the necessary temperature and humidity for active reproduction of bacteria is created. They process waste, turning them into valuable fertilizing for flowers, vegetables, berries, etc. However the compost pit at the dacha is necessary not only for "preparation" of fertilizers: various insects wreckers who when scattering compost on the site perish together with the larvae settle in this garden construction.

It is required to you

  • - shovel,
  • - rake,
  • - cover,
  • - organic waste materials for compost preparation,
  • - soapsuds,
  • - leaves,
  • - rusty metal objects.


1. The place for compost pit should be chosen in the flat and not boggy territory. It is required that in hole water did not stand: the increased humidity interferes with oxygen access. Of course, it is better "to put" waste in the most far corner of garden, however it should be taken into account that to compost pit the fast convenient access is necessary. It is desirable to lay equal path to hole to take out compost as buckets, and on wheelbarrow.

2. For creation of compost it is necessary to dig out hole the size meter on meter and no more than 20-25 cm in depth. It is recommended to cover hole which will prevent drying, distribution of unpleasant smells and hauling of garbage birds and animals. For usability in cover it is possible to do the hatch.

3. It is necessary to lay on bottom of compost pit thick layer fallen leaves to which it is possible to mix "food" garbage at once. On all this it is necessary to fill earth layer which should be covered with one more layer of foliage. Then again it is necessary to fill the earth, it is possible with addition of rusty iron objects (iron is useful for plants).

4. Organic waste materials from kitchen and beds (cleaning, bones, weeds, rotten fruits, etc.) and also ashes, sand, peat, bark, branches even seaweed and silt are suitable for further composting. For increase in content in compost of phosphoric connections which love plants it is necessary to pour out in hole soapsuds from time to time. Compost "ripens" quicker if periodically to mix it: oxygen when loosening begins to arrive more actively, and decomposition of throws accelerates.

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