How to make computer table

How to make computer table

You can independently make and collect for yourself computer table - if at least once in life you worked with electric drill and created elementary drawings. To you will not make special work to implement the conceived project in reality, and behind one and to gain skills in creation of cabinet furniture.

  • The laminated chipboard 16 mm thick; tape measure, hacksaw; drill, hacksaw, drills; euroscrews; edge for finishing of faces; the mechanism for keyboard table; screws and corners for installation of shelves, necessary tools.

1. The necessary amount of material depends on what sizes and design there will be your computer table. Therefore for a start be defined where there will be your table, it to allow to decide on its sizes and functionality.

2. We do the sketch of our product with prostanovka of the sizes. Here everything depends on your imagination, it is necessary that the table has turned out not only functional and convenient, but also was pleasing to your eye.

3. We start marking of boards according to the sketch. This stage of work is very important, here it is necessary to be especially attentive, depends on it, also you will be able to collect it and then behind it to work. The most important - that right angles and the necessary sizes have been precisely sustained when cutting boards.

4. We do cut of boards to the set measures, it is possible to use hacksaw or the electric fret saw – the main thing what would be precisely on marking. If you saw manually, then ideally equal cut not always turns out. The received roughnesses process plane, then large abrasive paper. We cover front edges with special edge which we fix by means of glue.

5. Now we mark ready parts. We do marking of fixing openings in places where racks and shelves will fasten. We drill out these openings specially picked up drills of different diameter (it which is necessary according to your drawing). What accidentally not to drill board through (in case the dead hole is necessary), on drill it is necessary to install the limiter.

6. The last moment remained - it is assembly of the received parts in the sequence determined by you. It is especially important point on which depends how beautiful and strong will be your design. If everything has been executed precisely, then assembly should not cause difficulties.

7. Here so, step by step, it is possible to make any computer table of own development which will approach under room dimensions, to be convenient and functional in use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team