How to make concrete block

How to make concrete block

For construction it is possible to use not only the bought concrete blocks but also made independently. The most important at production of blocks is to make folding forms or to buy them, availability of the concrete mixer and the room with temperature of 60-70 degrees for drying.

It is required to you

  • - sand
  • - crushed stone
  • - cement
  • - iron for forms
  • - concrete mixer


1. To make form for blocks it is necessary to take the sheet of iron, to cut it by the required size of the necessary form. On each side to cut through grooves and to collect. sizeconcrete blocksYou can do form and at discretion, but it is better not to do them big – it will simplify and will facilitate the procedure of construction.

2. Production of concrete will require cement of the high brand, small shredded crushed stone, clean bank sand. You make ratio of solution at the rate of 1 part of cement, 3 parts of sand and 3 parts of crushed stone.

3. Solution needs to be nameshivat carefully in the concrete mixer. Manual mixing is not suitable for production of blocks. Because their quality depends not only on solution, but also on care of its mixing.

4. Pour water gradually. Solution for blocks should not be liquid.

5. Fill in solution in forms indoors for drying. Oil forms lubricating.

6. For warmer concrete blocks it is possible to make blocks with availability of emptiness that in addition will help to save solution and will facilitate the ready block. For emptiness it is possible to install glass bottles in forms.

7. It is necessary to dry blocks at high temperature.

8. In two days it is possible to take out blocks from forms and to stack exactly on the platform for typesetting of fortress.

9. Forms can be filled with solution again.

10. That you had no idle times because of drying of blocks make enough forms.

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