How to make convenient kitchen

How to make convenient kitchen

Even the smallest kitchen can be made convenient by means of competent placement of furniture, the equipment and communications. The graceful design decision is capable to correct miscalculations of architecture and to visually expand space.

It is required to you

  • Tape measure, paper, handle.


1. Measure parameters of your kitchen. Height, length and width of space, window extent, windowsill width as far as recede from pipe wall, width of door opening. Make the scheme of the room on which the arrangement of apertures and communications will be sketched. Apply the sizes on the scheme.

2. Write down the requirements to kitchen. For example, if you have big family and you have often supper together, then you need big table. Or, on the contrary, you live one and do not like to eat in kitchen at all, and do it in other room, then you need only working surfaces. Decide on what equipment is necessary to you. Bodices you will store services in kitchen whether the rack under glasses is necessary to you?

3. Think of how you can use space of kitchen to combine several functions in one subject. For example, you can use wide windowsill as table. Still it is possible to place in it sink.

4. As a rule, competent arrangement of sink allows to make space of kitchen convenient. In small kitchens it is better to place it on the center near wall. So you will have place for plate and the fridge on each side. And the sink located in corner is convenient for wide kitchens.

5. Choose preferable color gamma. In small kitchens it is better to use light tone. They expand space and create feeling of comfort.

6. Think over the requirements to set to trifles. Ideally, all utensils have to hold there, and the set should not occupy space of kitchen completely. It is important to plan its placement so that you could move freely, not natykayas to furniture. All lockers have to be located at height convenient to you.

7. Optimal variant, it when distance between working surface and suspended cabinets equally in 45 centimeters. Height of suspended cabinets depends on height of your kitchen. On average it is 60 - 90 centimeters. All parts of set have to open easily. Use boxes on wheels and roll door.

8. Also spare no expense for reylingovy system. It represents set of metal pipes on which shelves, supports under glasses, hooks and other trifles fasten. All this allows to save space.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team