How to make cozy small kitchen

How to make cozy small kitchen

Of the smart apartment with the big kitchen on which it is also not necessary to prepare, most of women dreams. In reality much should prepare in small kitchen, trying to make it convenient. Yes, opportunities not always coincide with desires, but it is possible to make cozy small kitchen even if it serves also the dining room.

It is required to you

  • The built-in household appliances;
  • multipurpose household appliances;
  • places for storage;
  • tacks;
  • towels;
  • cloth;
  • curtains;
  • picture;
  • hours;
  • family photos;
  • board with pieces of chalk;
  • magnets;
  • children's drawings;
  • wall-paper;
  • tile;
  • multilevel lighting;
  • TV mount;


1. Refuse door or make it sliding. It is also possible to demolish wall, if it not bearing, having made the studio apartment. Thus, the space of kitchen will extend.

2. Thinking over space of small kitchen, use it most economically. Give preference to the built-in equipment, think over the system of storage which will allow to remove from public inspection of thing, used very seldom. If there is opportunity, make to order complete kitchen. Having measured space, you will be able to use each its corner. Do not think that small boxes are useless. You evaluate them in practice when you understand that it is possible to store set of trifles which are so necessary to each hostess, from knives to seasonings in them. Places for storage can be equipped also under table-top of kitchen table. You should not be fond that it was convenient to sit, but several small boxes under table-top can be placed. In small kitchen it is convenient to put, so-called, corners. They allow to use much more economically space, but, at the same time, give the chance to seat many people.

3. Refuse artificial materials, get wooden furniture. It will add cosiness to the small room. Pokleyte wall-paper in kitchen. Wall-paper gives cosiness, unlike cold tile. The tile should be used only to lay out "apron" over working surfaces, plate and sink. Choose materials of warm shades, avoid diversity.

4. Make the multilevel lighting consisting, for example, of illumination over working surfaces and also of the lamp shade over table. Hang up special support on which it is possible to place the TV on wall. Arrange it so that it was convenient to watch it when you prepare, but not when you eat food.

5. To make cozy small kitchen, give preference to dual-use things. For example, the built-in oven which will also work in the mode of the microwave oven will save space. It is inexpedient to buy separately the fridge and the freezing chamber, choose the high fridge with the built-in freezing chamber of large volume. The surface over the built-in dish and washing machine can be used under places for storage or finishing tables.

6. The biggest evil for small rooms including for small kitchens, the conspirational space is. The small kitchen easily turns into "warehouse" if in it the system of storage is not thought over, there are excessive household appliances used very seldom and also the space is uneconomically used. So, you do not hold anything superfluous in kitchen. You do not store the spoiled things, padded ware, the darkened plastic containers. These things cost not so much to spoil them situation of kitchen.

7. The large role in creation of cosiness in small kitchen is played by dressing. Here it is worth deferring to the taste. Pick up curtains, cloth, tacks, towels which will be combined with each other. The warm shades of accessories which are combined with other situation are preferable to kitchen. Also carefully it is worth selecting also ware. To make cozy small kitchen, hang up nice picture, beautiful hours or your family photos on wall. Hang up board with pieces of chalk and children's drawings, and on the fridge attach couple of beautiful magnets to have opportunity to leave each other notes. So you will make kitchen individual, really yours. But try not to overload the room with accessories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team