How to make dacha furniture with own hands

How to make dacha furniture with own hands

Giving - country house for city family, as a rule, used by owners only it is temporary. Construction can be the small sizes without conveniences or the capital building. It depends on welfare of family. Finance influences also furniture of the country house.

It is required to you

  • - boards;
  • - drill;
  • - chainsaw;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - joiner's glue;
  • - varnish on tree.


1. As convenient bench rather thick board, not less than 30 cm wide can serve. Put this board on any basis, for example couple of stumps, and fix it by self-tapping screws. Impregnate bench with drying oil and colourless lacquer.

2. Beautiful stools for giving can be built from the roundels which are sawn off from volume stump. One will be fine seat. It is necessary to attach metal plate with the welded pipe to it. Attach it to other roundel.

3. Make self-made plank bed. It will require branches of trees or log with a diameter about 10 cm. Material of large diameter will be complex to be connected among themselves. Across logs drill openings. For bigger structural strength it is better to use 3-4 self-tapping screws for each brevnyshk. Connect among themselves all prepared logs. Invert collected product in vertical position and check for stability. Smooth out plank bed surface for removal of speakers of roughnesses. To give to rigidity, fix steel brackets on the lower part.

4. It is possible to make normal dining table of the board remains. Process the available material sanding machine, otherwise not to avoid splinters. Legs for table can be made of metal pipes, but it is possible to make them and wooden. Fasten the boards prepared for legs, cross. That the design was stronger, it is necessary to cut hacksaw groove to half of board, and then to process cut chisel. To table-top these crosspieces fasten by means of self-tapping screws. The table-top can be cut out from the sheet chipboard or is made of several boards fixed by self-tapping screws and joiner's glue.

5. The simple sun bed can be made of old folding bed. Just place the additional basis which can be made of thin aluminum pipes on framework. Fit them any strong material or make seat of wooden rails.

6. The self-made wooden table can be also decorative design if to make table-top in the form of box. Then in box it will be possible to plant green plants. That the design did not decay, it needs to be processed anti-septic tank, to cover with mordant and varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team