How to make decor of doors with own hands

How to make decor of doors with own hands

Doors play large role in registration of the room and its interior. But you should not go to shop behind the new door at once, and in house conditions it is possible to decorate excellently partition, having given it the second life.

To make door decor with own hands not and it is difficult how it seems at first sight. At the same time it is not necessary to spend for the updated door of large sums. Sometimes all necessary is near at hand. But before starting dressing, it is necessary to perform preparatory work. At the same time it is not important what way of updating of interroom or outer door you are going to use.

Usually old interroom timber doors which repeatedly painted are exposed to dressing. And not always this work was performed properly therefore on covering there could be flows, roughnesses and others noticeable to eye defects. Before new finishing all these flaws it is necessary to remove and level covering. For this purpose it is possible to use abrasive paper with coarse and fine grain. It is ideal if available you also have grinder thanks to which work will be performed much quicker and more qualitatively.

 That the door was more convenient to be processed, previously it needs to be removed from loops and to put on plain surface. For example, on table or special gantry.

Will be necessary for further work:

  • putty on tree,
  • abrasive paper,
  • cleaning agent,
  • primer or glue.

As soon as put door, you can get to work. At first cover with the putty intended for woodworks, all cracks, hollows and chips. The same putty it is possible to process safely not only timber doors, but also surfaces from plywood or chipboard. After completely you putty door, leave it for full drying.

Then start the next stage – grinding. Abrasive paper with coarse grain carefully process surface that it was the most equal. Set result by abrasive paper with fine grain. This work quite labor-consuming therefore in the presence of the grinder, it is the best of all to use it. So you will significantly save the time.

If you are going to paint door, try to achieve the most plain surface. If you are going to decorate door wall-paper, fabric or self-adhesive film, it is possible not to bring surface to ideal. However it is desirable that even in this case it was equal.

After grinding remove dust, wash away the remains the cleaning agent divorced in water for ware. Wait for full drying of surface.

Further actions of the master depend on the choice of way of dressing.

If you just are going to paint door with paint, do not forget to process previously surface primer or poorly divorced PVA glue. In this case paint will lay down better and more exactly. Besides, it is necessary to remember that the type of new paint has to correspond to type of the previous layer completely. That is if used acrylic paint, then same earlier and take for further work. Otherwise during preparation the surface will need to be cleaned completely from old coats of paint to the basis.

It is ideal to enter doors in interior of the room it is possible by means of ordinary wall-paper. This way is simple and inexpensive at the price. Thus it is possible to make door imperceptible indoors or, on the contrary, to pay attention to it, having played on contrast of door and walls. If you are going to decorate door wall-paper, at first pick up suitable on color. The invoice of wall-paper can be any.

Then prepare pieces of the necessary size. If the door carved (with elements of inserts), works with it slightly more difficult. But if to stock up with sharp stationery knife, it will be much simpler.

To decorate door with wall-paper, prepare:

  • wall-paper (several meters),
  • wallpaper glue,
  • roller or plastic palette,
  • stationery knife,
  • moldings,

It is necessary to paste over door with wall-paper in the following order.

  • Dissolve glue according to the instruction.
  • Apply glue on previously prepared door cloth.
  • Distribute uniform layer glue on wall-paper.
  • Paste wall-paper on door cloth. At the same time accurately smoothing wall-paper with the rubber roller, or the plastic palette, p try "to expel" from under them all air bubbles.
  • Remove with soft dry napkin surplus of glue.
  • Wait for full drying of glue.

Further it is possible to leave everything as is. Or you can if desired, decorate door with paper moldings or bas-reliefs which will give to your updated door relief.

The modern photo printing allows to use its opportunities not only in art and the photo, but also under repair. If you are going to decorate door with photowall-paper, previously select the suitable image. It is possible to find it in the Internet. For decor of door it is possible to use pictures of the nature, animals, flowers, work of the famous authors or abstract images. The main thing that it ideally fitted into interior. Then it is necessary to keep the pleasant picture on the removable carrier (USB stick), to address to any advertizing agency or photo salon to specify the sizes of cloth necessary to you. Therefore before campaign previously measure the sizes of your door in photographer's studio. It is also possible to use already ready options of photowall-paper which in assortment are provided in specialized shops for repair.

Photowall-paper is put according to the same scheme, as normal wall-paper.

In rooms with classical interior it is possible to use the doors decorated with wall-paper and moldings. Wall-paper can be used color and monophonic (depending on the flowers used in interior). Paste over door with wall-paper. And then decorate them with the foam or polyurethane sockets or moldings. Them it is the best of all to fix by means of the glue gun or Titanium glue or its analogs. It is also possible to paste relief ceiling tile on door. Such option will perfectly look in business too.

It is possible to make true piece of art of the normal painted door if, for example, to decorate it with fabric. It is possible to make similarity of mosaic or stained-glass window of fabric. For this purpose cut pieces of fabric of the necessary form, miss the mark them with glue and attach on surface in the necessary order. Fabric can be used as as parent material (door covering), and as ornament – volume flowers, decorative frames, sockets, etc. It is recommended to paste them on door surface by means of wallpaper glue for heavy wall-paper or the furniture stapler.

In dressing of door it is possible to use also technology of decoupage. It is simple in application, but gives interesting effect. For decor of door prepare:

  • water,
  • napkins with the drawing,
  • acrylic lacquer.

On previously prepared door surface, apply primer. Wait for its drying and put layer of white acrylic paint. When paint dries, paint door with acrylic paint of color necessary to you. While paint dries, prepare tissues with the drawing. Cut out from them necessary elements – the drawing, flowers, patterns, etc. When the painted door surface completely dries, start decoupage. Place the prepared napkins for about ten minutes in the container with warm water. Then apply the soaked napkins on door surface. Have them so that the effect necessary for you was gained. Place wet napkins in the center, on each side, to receive certain picture. Perform work very accurately not to tear paper. Wait, so far napkins to dry. Then carefully small abrasive paper rub napkins to remove excessive roughness. Then cover door with several layers of structural varnish. Adhering to this technologists, it is possible to decorate door a little differently. For this purpose napkins on which small pictures are painted (landscape, plants, flowers, butterflies and t.p) will be necessary. Tear napkins on several parts, soak them in water, and loan paste them on door, comparing parts of drawings as puzzles.

Interestingly and stylish stained-glass windows look on doors with glass inserts. if you are going to use this method in dressing, choose style of the drawing and prepare necessary materials:

  • Whatman paper,
  • stained glass paints,
  • brushes for drawing with soft pile,
  • marker,
  • glue stained glass tape,

Choose the drawing. Transfer it to Whatman paper. If you the beginning artist, select the image with the smallest quantity of small elements. Impose the ready sketch on previously purified and degreased glass then on contours of fragments lay out glue stained glass tape. Fill (contours) received by means of the cells adhesive tape with paint. Quite often one coat of paint happens insufficiently therefore for obtaining deep color wait for drying and put with soft brush one more coat of paint.

If desired it is possible to set result, having covered it with thin layer of structural varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team