How to make design of garden

How to make design of garden

On beautifully issued garden site always very much to have a good time. However its arrangement can take very long time, sometimes even several years. In order that your garden always looked accurate, and to look after it it was simple and convenient, important to plan its design carefully.


1. It is necessary to consider registration of the site no later than September that you had time for preparation for landing of winter plants.

2. Check as much as possible photos of various personal plots, read specialized literature. All this will help you to decide what design you would like to have at yourself. Write out names of the plants which are most pleasant to you and read information on care for them. Pick up grade of saplings so that it could take root well on your earth with other plants. Consider features of the soil, climate, and as far as your site is well aired and whether enough it solar. Pick up optimum combination of plants and plan as to group them that they were combined among themselves on leaving and well looked.

3. After that draw the plan of the site taking into account arrangement of all farm buildings, footpaths and garden trees. If you organize the garden "from scratch", you have opportunity to correctly plan arrangement of all this in advance.

4. Attentively consider the plan and think where it is better to make beds or the Alpine hills, where to plant fruit trees, and where to dig out pond if it wants to you. For different parts of garden select plants with the different periods of blossoming – so your site will be decorated with bright buds all the year round. Select saplings so that smaller settled down around large, but not in their shadow.

5. Plant all plants in the spring and issue footpaths and constructions. Garden paths can be paved with stones or special tiles, having made along them beautiful small fence or border. If you have dug out twig, it is possible to decorate it with the decorative bridge or to somehow beat it by means of garden sculptures. Set sites, free from plants, with equal lawn.

6. You should not seek to make all design of the site completely for one season – it is almost impossible. Just every year adjust the garden, dosazhivy new plants or buying some accessories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team