How to make doors for sliding wardrobe

How to make doors for sliding wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe - great idea of economy of space in the apartment. Experienced designers in salons of furniture with pleasure will help to pick up the sliding wardrobe corresponding to interior. However, if to the apartment there is suitable niche, then the cabinet can be made independently. In this case walls of niche will serve as cabinet walls, it is necessary only to hang door for receiving ready design.

It is required to you

  • sliding wardrobe door (or two doors) from laminated by chipboard of right color, rollers, guide, self-tapping screws and levels, short self-tapping screws, rubber hammer


1. We get to work: Attach the lower aluminum shapes to doors. For this purpose use rubber hammer. At distance of 5 cm from bottom give mark on profile;

2. By means of the screws going in set with internal hexagon attach the lower profile;

3. Fix the top profile and insert rollers, establishing them on vertical profile;

4. Fix rollers by means of screws with internal hexagon;

5. Further attach the lower running rollers. They fasten screws and have to come into profile completely. Tightening screw, it is possible to adjust depth of entry of rollers into profile, that is thus it is possible to change the provision of door;

6. Attach to doors special pads from dust. On doors which adjoin to walls of cabinet the pads fasten on edges sideways. On those doors which do not adjoin cabinet walls sealant fastens from rear side of side profiles;

7. Fasten the directing profile to niche ceiling. Further start mounting of doors. In the lower, still not fixed directing profile, we insert rollers. We regulate the provision of door;

8. Completion phase – we fix the lower profile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team