How to make double-glazed window

How to make double-glazed window

Production of double-glazed windows is almost completely automated. The production line consists of several stages. Before glass full-fledged double-glazed window it becomes have to go through not less than 5 stages of preparation. Can make double-glazed windows as pretty shops with performance about 50 pieces a day, and the industrial enterprises producing up to 1 thousand double-glazed windows a day.

It is required to you

  • glass, frame, sealant.


1. It is necessary to begin with preparation of remote frame, according to the sizes of the necessary double-glazed window. Connect framework to the help of galvanized or aluminum inserts and corners. Fill all blank spaces with dehumidifier which does not allow to get to moisture in double-glazed window. Silicate gel or the granulated zeolite can be dehumidifier.

2. Then glass needs to be cut on special cutting table with use of tools which size depends on preparation for double-glazed window. The field of drawing section glass easily breaks the metal rods which are in surface of the table intended for work with glass. Edges of break have to be smooth therefore the period between cutting and break should not be, these manipulations need to be carried out at the same time.

3. Now to washing glasses is time to start. Special brushes and demineralized water will be for this purpose necessary. Brushes have to be average rigidity not to leave behind scratches. Cleaning agents are not recommended to be applied, during washing it is necessary to watch tightness – it should not be broken. Then glasses need to be dried up.

4. It is necessary to apply the first layer of sealant on framework. For this purpose framework connects with each other by means of corners and applies sealant on the cross parties with layer in 5 mm. Then it is necessary to make subassembly of glasses with framework and to send ready double-glazed window under press for final fixing. It has to be several hours there.

5. After the double-glazed window under press becomes completely hermetic, side parts of double-glazed window need to be covered with sealant layer for preservation of geometry during usage time again. The minimum thickness of layer – 3 mm.

6. During production of double-glazed window temperature in the working room should not be less than 16 and no more than 25 degrees of heat. If the technology is not broken, the product will be quality that guarantees protection against cold and noise. Such double-glazed windows serve many years.

7. At storage and transportation the pith laying placed between double-glazed windows is used. They protect the surface of glass from damages at friction.

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